Nashville man kicks out live-in prostitute after she denied his request for a threesome — Jonathan Murphy

52-year-old Jonathan Murphy is charged with domestic assault after police say he pushed a prostitute, who had been living with him for approximately one week, out of his residence when she declined to have a threesome with him and another prostitute. He reportedly tossed all of her clothes outside and pushed her to the ground “with purpose”, resulting in minor injuries.

Prostitute & Pimp arrested. MNPD detective kicked in groin multiple times by prostitute.

During a prostitution sting arrest on Tuesday, Ty Tiauna Burton told detectives “take me to jail”, but whey they tried to arrest her she fought back, and kicked Detective Jason May several times in the groin and legs.

Nashville Prostitutes Gone Wild: ran off road, stabbed with loaded needle for ‘taking her date’

At twenty minutes past midnight on Friday, Metro Police were dispatched to Summit Hospital for a report of an aggravated assault victim. The aggravated assault was between two known prostitutes on Murfreesboro Pike, when one accused the other of ‘taking her date’, ran her off the road, and stabbed her with a loaded needle, injecting the unknown contents into her.

Prostitute “Strawberry” Charged in North Nashville Shooting #AttemptedMurder

Two men solicited a prostitute called ‘Strawberry’ in North Nashville. They agreed on a price, she left to get drugs, and returned with a gun, and shot one of them in the stomach when she tried to rob them. Now she’s charged with attempted murder.

69yo Male Prostitute Arrested – “I am a tasty treat from top to bottom”… *NSFW*

On Friday afternoon, MNPD arrested 69 year old Jimmie Ray Holloway, after he agreed to exchange sex for money at the Green Hills Mall. How did the police become aware of this 69 year old male prostitute? He’s been leaving ‘advertisements’ around the Green Hills Mall for weeks now. One of the paper notes / advertisements reads: “I am a tasty treat from top to bottom. I know I can fulfill your appetite for erotica. So go deep into my love hole, fun and games, up the ass, cock sucking…

50 People In Nashville Court Today for Prostitution – We Have The Names & Prices

It’s going to be a slow day for sex work in Nashville – anyone looking for some extra curricular activities on popular escort websites or their favorite corner may be disappointed in the lack of availability today – as there are 50 individuals on the court appearance dockets in Nashville today for 58 prostitution related charges – mostly due to recent sting operations throughout the city. In addition to the entire list below, here are some fast facts about these 50 individuals: 7 Male 43 Female Youngest: 18 Oldest: 68…

EAST PROSTITUTION ARREST: $250 Oral Sex from Transgender Female

On Wednesday, MNPD conducted an undercover prostitution operation from backpage and other online services that advertise escort and ‘massage’ services. On Wednesday night, Deontae C Agbalaya arranged to meet and perform oral sex on an undercover officer for $250 and was taken into custody. Deontae Agbalaya, who was booked into the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office as a male, also had an outstanding warrant. for another prostitution citation in May. Agbalaya is originally from Chicago, IL. The female name of Deanna or Dedee is also frequently used online and in escort ads online,…

ARREST: Eric ‘E’ Dobbins: Caught With Shorts Down & A $5 Prostitute (Kesha Williams)

On Wednesday Afternoon (08/16), Officers arrested Eric Dobbins, who has a long list of prior charges, including murder, multiple drug offenses, tampering with evidence, evading arrest, and felony assaults w/deadly weapons. This was a new charge for Dobbins, one he earned by thinking with the wrong head – Patronizing Prostitution. Literally, a $5 Hooker. Dobbins is being held on 8 total charges from this incident, with a $49,500 total bond. He has a court date on 08/22. From MNPD reports, a terry stop was initiated on a vehicle known for…

How Much Is A Hooker In Nashville? $97 on Average!

Noticing a lot of prostitution cases on the dockets lately, we began to wonder – are these people (it was a varied mix of both men and women) making a living? Just how much does an encounter with a prostitute cost in Nashville? We were very surprised when we looked at some of the cases that have come through the courts in the past few weeks. It seems to be like real estate – location, location, location! Overall the average for vanilla sex city-wide was $97, $170 for anal, and…