Rebekah Calico crashes boyfriend’s Mercedes after cocaine and Xanax use

42-year-old Rebekah Calico was transported to Summit Hospital after she wrecked her boyfriend’s vehicle and had a seizure. Before meeting her in the hospital, police spoke to her boyfriend, Gene Hoskins, at the crash scene. He said she was driving his white Mercedes while he followed behind her in his truck pulling an RV. He said he had lost track of her and had to do a U-turn to find her. He saw that she had crashed the car, had a seizure, and was transported to the hospital. When police saw Rebekah at the hospital described her as jittery, with watery eyes, could not sit still, had trouble concentrating, ground her teeth, and would not follow hospital staff’s instructions.

The staff said that she was “tweaking and coming off something,” and the police asked her what had happened. She told them that she was helping transport her boyfriend’s car back to Memphis, and she remembered turning into Nashboro Village before she “blacked out.” The morning before she drove, she said that she took Xanax for her depression and anxiety. Police reported that she did not have a prescription in her possession. Also, she said that she has a history of cocaine use and that she had last used approximately twenty-four hours ago. She agreed to a blood test and to perform sobriety tests but later refused. Police placed her into custody for DUI and transported her to booking after she was discharged from Summit Hospital.

Woman stabs husband’s face; says he hit her with a Ciroc bottle first

38-year-old Lakita Parker was charged with aggravated assault when her husband showed up at Summit Hospital with lacerations to his arm and cheek and told them she was trying to wake him up when she stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

Man rips shirt of O’Charley’s employee, knocks out another during altercation

28-year-old Jaquez Howse was charged with assault and aggravated assault after punching an O’Charley’s employee in her face causing her to have a black eye, broken nose, suffer a concussion, and require several stitches. He then told another employee “if you call the cops or try to get the license plate, I’ll beat your ass”.

Bloody nude woman assaults NFD paramedic at Comfort Suites

20-year-old Page Ragains was charged with assault after lunging at a Nashville Fire Department paramedic when she was awakened naked and bloody on a Comfort Suites laundry room floor.

Father found at Goodwill tells police he used “ice” with his child in the truck

21-year-old Michael Guthrie was charged with public intoxication after he was reported to police by Thorntons for having a child in his truck and looking to be under the influence of drugs. He was later found at Goodwill to be jittery and admitted to police that he uses “ICE”.

Nashville Prostitutes Gone Wild: ran off road, stabbed with loaded needle for ‘taking her date’

At twenty minutes past midnight on Friday, Metro Police were dispatched to Summit Hospital for a report of an aggravated assault victim. The aggravated assault was between two known prostitutes on Murfreesboro Pike, when one accused the other of ‘taking her date’, ran her off the road, and stabbed her with a loaded needle, injecting the unknown contents into her.

2 adults overdosed on Heroin in hospital parking lot, 2 children in car

When officers arrived to Summit Hospital after midnight Thursday night, they found a vehicle running, with the rear doors open, no heat on, with two adults passed out in the front seat, one with a syringe inserted into his arm, the other with an uncapped syringe beside her on the console. In the back seat were two small children, ages 9 and 7, crying and shivering while the 30-something degree wind blew through the open rear doors.