Nashville Prostitutes Gone Wild: ran off road, stabbed with loaded needle for ‘taking her date’

At twenty minutes past midnight on Friday, Metro Police were dispatched to Summit Hospital for a report of an aggravated assault victim. The aggravated assault was between two known prostitutes on Murfreesboro Pike, when one accused the other of ‘taking her date’, ran her off the road, and stabbed her with a loaded needle, injecting the unknown contents into her.

ARREST: #WhiteGirlWasted at McDonalds – Breasts Out, Butt Up

Last Wednesday, management at a Nashville McDonald’s were not “lovin’ it”. According to a police report, Ashley Garlit was inside the restaurant when she began exposing her breasts to customers and employees, and refused to leave. When McDonald’s management asked her to leave the restaurant, she turned around, pulled down her pants, and exposed her bare ass to them and everyone in the restaurant. There is security footage of the incident. When MNPD officers arrived, Garlit was unsteady on her feet, mumbling &slurring her speech. She was unable to comply…