Megan Sutton assaults guests, breaks into cabin at Nashville RV Park over feral kittens

36-year-old Megan Sutton was jailed Thursday morning after assaulting guests at the Nashville RV park where she works. Mr. Victor Motley and Ms. Zara Vecino-Domenech told police that they discovered two feral cats living on the property and asked the employees if they could adopt and find a home for them. They received permission and took the kittens into their possession. When Sutton discovered the kittens had been claimed, she confronted the victims at their cabin and entered without permission, demanding to know where the kittens were. She demanded the two hand the kittens over. She picked up one of the kittens that ran out while the door was open and shoved Ms. Vecino into a chair on the deck, injuring her hip. At that point, Mr. Motley demanded Ms. Sutton to leave. Officers observed a huge bruise on Ms. Vecino’s hip when they arrived, coinciding with their story. Sutton told police that she knew the kittens were feral and didn’t belong to her; however, she was the one putting food out for them. She also denied the assault and claimed that she was pushed. Sutton had no visible injury and was taken into custody.