Noah Clayton loses control of his car while speeding on I-65 South

21-year-old Noah Clayton was booked on the citation of reckless driving on March 19th. On the afternoon of February 24th, officers were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash on I-65 South near mile marker 81.8. When officers arrived, they spoke with Clayton, who told them he was speeding. Officers gathered witness statements and footage of the incident. The footage showed Clayton driving, disregarding the safety of others, before losing control of his car, causing the crash. Officers then cited Clayton for the incident.

Mohamed Al Sabeel found overdosing on Fentanyl in Dodge Challenger

21-year-old Mohamed Al Sabeel overdosed inside his Dodge Challenger near Twice Daily on West End Avenue early February 19th. A concerned citizen observed this and alerted the authorities. NFD and EMS personnel arrived and found Al Sabeel foaming at the mouth as they pulled him out of his car and placed him in an ambulance. Officers were informed about the overdose and conducted an inventory search of the Challenger before it was towed. During the search, officers located a Glock 19 behind the passenger seat, and a white, unknown substance spread throughout the vehicle. Al Sabeel was transported to Saint Thomas Midtown for further medical assistance. The nurses told police that he was an addict who had relapsed on Fentanyl. Al Sabeel was taken into custody for possessing a weapon while being under the influence and driving with a suspended license on March 7th.

Antonio Tate caught sleeping in stolen Chevy Tahoe

40-year-old Antonio Tate was jailed on December 7th after police discovered he was asleep in a stolen vehicle. Officers noticed a Chevy Tahoe backed into one of the parking spaces at Intown Suites on Murfreesboro Pike and ran the tags. No information came back on the tags, so officers ran a query on the VIN. The vehicle came back as reported stolen out of Memphis. Officers woke Tate, placed him into custody, and transported him to booking.

Nicholas Judd charged with DUI after late-night interstate crash

25-year-old Nicholas Judd was jailed on Saturday after crashing on I-24. When police arrived and asked Judd what happened, he said, “I drove drunk.” Police smelled alcohol coming from him and observed an open container on the passenger side. He refused to perform sobriety tests and was taken into custody and transported to General Hospital for a blood draw.

Hess Webb charged with assaulting girlfriend, pepper-spraying her

19-year-old Hess Webb reportedly strangled his lover against the wall after she asked him for help at work. Police spoke to Hess’s girlfriend, Cacie Douglas, who told police that she and Hess both work at the same place, where she invited him to help her on August 10th. An argument for unknown reasons ensued, and Hess grabbed her by the neck. While holding her neck, she said he pushed her against the wall and lifted her off the ground by her throat. She said it caused her to struggle to breathe and caused red marks on her neck. Hess continued to strangle her, and she attempted to reach for her pepper spray. He then threw her to the ground and grabbed the pepper spray. Cacie then fled the residence, and Hess followed her outside. While outside, she said he grabbed her, slammed her on the ground, and sprayed pepper spray in her eyes. After he sprayed her, he left the property, and a witness to the incident, Connor Murray, helped Cacie back inside. Police noted the injuries to her neck and her struggle to talk to them. He was placed under arrest for aggravated assault on August 13th.

Justin Cohn admits to taking Xanax prior to crashing into a tree

43-year-old Justin Cohn was jailed on July 12th after crashing his Chevrolet Trax into a tree on Metroplex Drive while high on Xanax. He told police that he had lost control of the vehicle, but it appeared to officers that Mr. Cohn was on some type of narcotic. He participated in field sobriety tests but was unable to complete them due to not following directions and being very unsteady on his feet. Mr. Cohn admitted to taking Xanax and consented to a blood draw. On the way to the hospital, Mr. Cohn laid down across the back seat and went to sleep. He snored heavily and woke up with a significant amount of drool.

Anya Lee charged with smashing her girlfriend’s windshield & assaulting her

22-year-old Anya Lee was jailed early Saturday after she reportedly assaulted her girlfriend, Haven Blakemore, and smashed her windshield during an altercation. Haven was upset as Anya wanted her to stay at her home in Murfreesboro for the night, but Haven refused. The two got into a physical altercation, during which Anya was reportedly on top of Haven, grabbing her by the neck. Haven got into her vehicle to leave the scene, but not before Anya rushed her vehicle and smashed the windshield. Officers documented injuries on the victim and took Anya into custody.

Juggalo Corey Leek assaults roommate who disses Insane Clown Posse — Whoop Whoop!

29-year-old self-proclaimed Juggalo Corey Leek is charged with the assault of roommate Dalton Owen, after he he says Owen made fun of his favorite band, Insane Clown Posse. Leek reportedly became so irate about the Boogie Woogie Wu affront that he did the chop chop slide to the victim, blacked out and assaulted him. The victim, who said the assault happened “in my room,” was holding a bloody rag to his face when officers arrived. Leek was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault, without any further Hokus Pokus.

Meaghan Cormack charged in assault of boyfriend after instigating & recording their conversation

30-year-old Meaghan M Cormack and her boyfriend, Lewis Owenby, left Broadway late Friday night and were headed back to their Antioch Home when they stopped at a Nashville Fire Station, where police found them in response to a domestic disturbance call, just blocks from their residence. Lewis was driving her car, and police say both parties had been drinking heavily throughout the night. Meaghan believed there “might be issues between then” and began to record their conversation on the ride home. The audio recording revealed she provoked the victim as he yelled for her to stop. He says she continued to attempt to grab the steering wheel from him and take control of the vehicle from the passenger seat. She then reportedly began to assault her boyfriend on his face, leaving fresh marks and cuts which were documented by officers. Officers determined Meaghan Cormack to be the primary aggressor and took her into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

Justice Vance charged after wild DUI & drunken escape from the scene of the wreck

24-year-old Justice Vance faces multiple charges after he swerved into the oncoming lane of travel on Hobson Pike and collided head-on with another vehicle. Instead of stopping, he drove his truck, with only a rim remaining on the right front, until it wouldn’t drive anymore and abandoned it at Murfreesboro Pike and Hamilton Church Pike. Vance then stumbled to a nearby field, where he eventually passed out, leaned up against a fence pole. Multiple bystanders and witnesses would direct officers to the crash site(s), and his final escape route until officers caught up with him as he eventually came to. He denied being in a crash but eventually admitted to drinking, and a half-empty bottle of Crown Royal was found in his truck.