Charles Benson breaks into ex-boyfriend’s apartment, steals $500 worth of his belongings

29-year-old Charles Benson broke into his ex-boyfriend’s, Dee Timothy Patton Jr.’s, Seifried Street apartment on May 6th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Patton Jr., who stated Benson had broken in through his bedroom window. Patton Jr. stated that Benson stole his hair clippers, some clothes, and other beard products, totaling around $500. Then, when officers spoke with Benson, he admitted, under Miranda, to “forcing entry” into Patton Jr.’s apartment, adding he was retrieving his belongings. Benson was taken into custody for aggravated burglary.

Ronzell Brown throws water on woman, violates bond conditions

24-year-old Ronzell Brown threw water on Alexis Shavon at an apartment on Dr DB Todd Jr Boulevard on January 22nd. After being dispatched to the address, officers recognized the involved parties and checked to see if his bond conditions were still active, and they were, restricting him from being at the residence or contacting Shavon. She advised Brown was inside and that everything was okay. Brown came to the door and was taken into custody for violating the conditions of his release by contacting the victim and being at the residence.

Wontez Graham brutally assaults ex-lover in downtown Nashville parking garage

29-year-old Wontez Graham brutally assaulted his former lover, Abagail Collier, in the parking garage on 1200 Broadway just before 4 a.m. Monday, causing her to be hospitalized with serious injuries. Although their relationship had ended, the two still maintain a few properties they use as short-term rentals. She arrived at this one to stay the night, believing it was empty and Wontez was out of town. She says as she entered the unit, he immediately pulled her inside and punched her in the face. As she escaped to the elevator, he followed her to the parking garage, where security footage showed him strangling her approximately five times and shoving her to the ground. He then brutally kicks her in the body and face multiple times.

Wontez Graham shot and killed a man in 2020 in another downtown apartment parking garage in what was determined to be self-defense.

Kian Garcia flees police, drives into oncoming traffic with baby in vehicle with him

Police say 21-year-old Kian Garcia drove past them in his gold Hyundai Genesis at a high rate of speed on Dickerson Pike on November 19th and began weaving through traffic as the officer followed the vehicle. After running the license plate and it coming back as registered to a GMC truck, officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but Garcia had no plans on stopping. After a brief chase, officers stopped the pursuit due to public safety as the vehicle drove into the oncoming lanes of traffic. Nearby officers observed the car park at a car lot on Gallatin Pike, and two males exited the car. Officers approached the building and detained the two individuals. Inside the car during the pursuit was Garcia’s two-month-old son, who was unharmed.

Police respond to call of naked woman in elevator at Lucky Bastard Saloon — Olivia Clark

Metro Nashville Police responded to a call about a naked woman in the elevator at the Lucky Bastard Saloon late Saturday night. They found 31-year-old Olivia Clark without any pants. She reeked of alcohol and was unsure what happened to her pants, who she was with, or where she was staying. She was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Christian Veneracion given $20 bond, then pre-trial release, for downtown disorderly conduct

23-year-old Christian Veneracion was jailed in Nashville after police say he became enraged about the arrest of his friend at 301 Broadway in downtown Nashville. He was advised to leave the premises but continued to yell and scream at officers handing the other arrest and then got “within breathing distance” of Officer Papp while continuing to yell at time. He was placed into custody for disorderly conduct. Before being given pre-trial, his bond was set at $20.

Brent Robinson kicked out of Luke Bryan’s after standing on bar, kicking liquor bottles

22-year-old Brent Robinson was kicked out of Luke Bryan’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville after he climbed onto the bar, where he stood and began kicking bottles of liquor. Once outside, he continued to be belligerent and was an annoyance to the public. Police attempted to locate friends to care for him, but were unsuccessful.