Man falls asleep behind the wheel in middle of the interstate — Jacob Sherlin

24-year-old Jacob Sherlin was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle, which was in the middle of I-65S at around 5 a.m. on August 30th. Police say he wasn’t intoxicated, showed no impairment, and quickly became alert and responsive. He was, however, driving on a suspended license, so he was transported to booking on that charge.

DUI Arrest: Asleep Behind Wheel, Vehicle in Drive, Wearing Only Her Undergarments – Dominic Hardy

Dominic Hardy, 31, of East Nashville, was arrested on a DUI Charge just before 5AM on Saturday when officers were flagged down by people nearby where Hardy appeared to be sleeping or unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle at a stop sign, wearing only her undergarments. Her vehicle was at a stop side, and in drive. She was in what appeared to be a state of sleep, with her foot resting on the brake. It took officers several minutes of knocking on windows to arouse Hardy from her state.…