Man celebrates 1 year of sobriety with Fentanyl, marijuana, & liquor

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Just days after finishing his criminal probation sentence and graduating from a year-long faith-based drug rehab program, 25-year-old Joshua Sigafoose celebrated his one-year mark in recovery by being revived with Narcan when he passed out behind the wheel and drove into oncoming traffic. He admitted to having narcotics, marijuana, and liquor in his system at the time of the crash. His passenger was also a friend in recovery.

Metro Nashville Police responded to a multi-vehicle crash Tuesday near Gallatin Pk. & Walton Lane. They say Joshua Sigafoose, 25, was unconscious behind the wheel of the vehicle, which drove into oncoming traffic, striking at least one other vehicle. After he was revived by first responders using Narcan, he was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where officers continued to speak to him once he was more alert. He explained he had just celebrated the one-year mark in a drug rehab program, and he and another friend in recovery, who was in the passenger seat of the vehicle, had both just purchased and consumed drugs just before the crash. He admitted to purchasing a white-powdery substance which was believed to be Fentanyl.

Joshua Sigafoose (MNPD)
Joshua Sigafoose (MNPD)

Inside the vehicle, police also found 2 empty bottles of liquor, and when asked what drugs would show on a test of his blood, Sigafoose explained that he had consumed liquor, marijuana, and narcotics prior to the crash, and this was his first relapse since he began rehab a year ago.

Joshua Sigafoose was charged with driving under the influence 2nd offense and driving on a revoked license. He was previously convicted of his first DUI in Cheatham County in 2020. He remains jailed in lieu of a $5,500 bond.

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4 Thoughts to “Man celebrates 1 year of sobriety with Fentanyl, marijuana, & liquor”

  1. DDDDDuane

    Well…Certain milestones SHOULD be celebrated…..

  2. Timothy Sigafoose

    I would like this post to be removed. This is his younger brother. Idk which officer posted this or what but this is very disrespectful to me and our family. I would like this to be removed and if I have to, I will go to court over it. I don’t care. But take this down NOW…..

    1. Punky Brewster

      Everyone is either on something or will be. Reality sucks now & people are coping however they can. The “Pleasure Police” get off by publicly shaming those who

      I agree. Why are they in peoples business like this? I was thinking of moving to Nashville from Knoxville & saw this.

      This trashy blog needs a good hacker.

      Get on the dark web (TOR) and they’ll take it down. All you have to do is find his IP address- can bypass VPN.

      I could help, but I’m busy. Find out how to hack it and get it down

    2. Sigafucked

      This is honestly the funniest shit.
      Little Timothy here actually did go to court, but not over this legally posted info on a website. Instead it was for rape. What a fantastic family, Happy Easter Sigafoose family 🙂

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