Aunt punches 15-year-old in face, drags her by hair, to expedite her departure to school

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When a 15-year-old was slow to get ready for school Tuesday morning her Aunt/Guardian, 34-year-old Alyse Howard, decided to expedite her departure by pulling her toward the front door by her hair, punching her in the face with her fist, and striking her with a shoe until she was outside the door, which she then locked.

The Department of Children’s Services made a referral to MNPD Tuesday after the 15-year-old showed up at school and reported the incident. Police interviewed the girl at her school and she says her Aunt punched her, assaulted her with a shoe, drug her by her hair, and then locked her out of the house that morning.

Alyse Howard (MNPD)
Alyse Howard (MNPD)

Alyse Howard admitted to investigators that she did, indeed, punch the child in the face and drug her to the door via her hair, and then used that hold on her hair to push her outside the door so she could lock the child outside. She says the child was stalling and taking too long when getting ready for school

Alyse Howard is charged with domestic assault and was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail at 10:22 a.m. Tuesday. After the required 12-hour hold for domestic violence, she posted a $2,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court on June 9th.

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