“Two beers” make another man too drunk for downtown Nashville — William Britt arrested

Metro Nasvhille Police say 23-year-old William Britt was leaning on a random car at 317 Broadway in downtown Nashville, and someone asked them to check on him. Upon arrival, officers found Britt to be extremely intoxicated, uneasy on his feet, and reeked of alcohol. He told the officer he only had two beers at Jason Aldean’s bar shortly before the interaction. He could not answer any questions about where he was going, where he was staying, and was without a phone, wallet, or transportation. He was transported to booking.

Teen duo charged with felony burglary of Gatorade from Titan’s locker room

19-year-olds Seth Pickering, of Indiana, and Joshua Meek, of Michigan, are charged with felony burglary after police say they jumped a fence and made their way into the Titan’s Nissan Stadium, made their way down the tunnel into the player’s locker room, and took a 20 bottle of Gatorade from a cooler.

Antioch Man Caught with 6 Pounds Marijuana at Nashville International Airport – #PreTrialRelease

Eric Latrell Mitchell, 34, better known to friends as ‘Eric Dreadhead Mitchell’, was arrested Wednesday at the Nashville International Airport, after authorities found pounds of marijuana in his luggage. 

Charles Chesney #Arrested after threatening to burn down mother’s house.

Charles Chesney, 39, lives in an apartment connected to his mother’s home. On Thursday morning, his mother was awoken by Charles yelling outside of her bedroom window. He was yelling: “Give me that money you owe me”, “I will burn your pictures in the house so you won’t haunt me”, “Give me my $2,000”, and finished it up with “I will burn down the apartment”. His mother was able to video some of the threats, and states she was in fear from her safety from her son, Charles Chesney. When…