Charles Chesney #Arrested after threatening to burn down mother’s house.

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Charles Chesney, 39, lives in an apartment connected to his mother’s home. On Thursday morning, his mother was awoken by Charles yelling outside of her bedroom window. He was yelling: “Give me that money you owe me”, “I will burn your pictures in the house so you won’t haunt me”, “Give me my $2,000”, and finished it up with “I will burn down the apartment”.

His mother was able to video some of the threats, and states she was in fear from her safety from her son, Charles Chesney. When MNPD officers arrived, Chesney refused to exit his room, and would only talk through his window to the officer’s outside. He did admit to having made the statements above.

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Charles Chesney was taken into custody, and charged with assault. He has a domestic violence hold on him, with will require a minimum 12 hour stay. His bond will then e $5,000, and he will have a review hearing on 04/02/18.

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