Jessica Hiefnar living in deplorable conditions with kids, animals, & a double-murder suspect

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22-year-old Jessica Hiefnar admitted to police that a double-homicide defendant was hiding in the crawl space of her residence and had been living there with her. Police arrived at the residence based on an unrelated domestic disturbance report on August 30th. They dry heaved from the homes’ overpowering smell of animal urine and feces. They saw two dogs in a three-foot by three-foot cage, malnourished and underweight. The bottom of the cage was covered in feces, spilling out onto the floor. Next to the cage was a one-year-old female child and a two-year-old male child wearing nothing but sagging diapers and appearing unbathed. While the police spoke to Jessica, they saw the children touching the feces in the cages. They reported that food was left out and multiple flies inside the home. After she told them about the defendant hiding in the residence, they prosecuted Jessica due to the deplorable conditions of the home with children present.

Jessica S. Heifnar (MNPD)
Jessica S. Heifnar (MNPD)

Jessica S. Hiefnar was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on August 30th, charged with two counts of animal cruelty and two counts of child neglect. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $14,000.

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