Catholic High School President J. Marshall Hyzdu jailed after harassing women in Nashville bar

45-year-old Catholic school president James Marshall Hyzdu was jailed in Nashville Saturday after reportedly following women around a Nashville bar, making them feel uncomfortable. Security at The Twelve Thirty Club says Hyzdu came into the bar and began to follow women around, making them uncomfortable and annoyed with the behavior. Hyzdu was escorted out of the location, only to return and continue the behavior. According to security, he was escorted out of the building six times and continued to return, even changing his clothing once to change his appearance. He was eventually detained until Metro Nashville Police arrived and took him into custody. They noted his extreme level of intoxication and had no one to contact to retrieve him or assist him back to his hotel. J. Marshall Hyzdu is the President of Archbishop Moeller High School, an all-boys Catholic school in Cincinnati, OH.

Harold Finch sucker punches another man at Legendz of the Streetz concert in Nashville

38-year-old Harold Finch is charged with assault after Metro Nashville Police say he sucker-punched Dustin Tyler Godwin in the face during the Legendz of the Streetz concert featuring Jeezy, Gucci Mane, T.I., Trina, 8 Ball & MJG, this weekend at the Bridgestone Arena.