Tyler Shelton caught with “white, powdery substance” in bathroom at Barstool Nashville

24-year-old Tyler Shelton was caught in the bathroom by Mr. Green, a security guard at Barstool Nashville, with a “white, powdery substance” on April 21st. Green flagged officers down, advising that Shelton was being removed from the bar. Green stated that he observed Shelton in the bathroom with a clear bag containing a “white, powdery substance.” When officers located Shelton, he reeked of alcohol and stated he had been drinking since “early this afternoon.” During their interaction, Shelton became agitated and tried to walk away. In response, officers then grabbed and detained him. Mr. Meadows, another security guard for the location, told officers that he had witnessed Shelton throw a clear bag near him, prompting him to pick it up and alert the officers. Officers weighed the bag containing the white mystery substance and found it to be approximately 1.7 grams. Shelton was then taken into custody for the unlawful possession of a controlled substance and public intoxication.

Tyler Barr shoves man for insulting his girlfriend in alley outside Barstool Nashville

27-year-old Tyler Barr had an altercation with an individual in an alley on the side of Barstool Sports Bar in the early hours of April 7th. Upon arrival, officers observed him arguing with several individuals and separated them. Officers were advised that Barr was arguing with a woman, later identified as Barr’s girlfriend. A man passing by made a comment to Barr’s girlfriend, which angered him. Barr then shoved him, causing him to fall on his face, leaving lacerations to his jaw. Barr told officers that he was arguing with his girlfriend while walking through the alley when he overheard a man insult his girlfriend. So, Barr pushed the man in the back, causing him to fall face-first. While officers spoke to Barr, he began arguing with the victim and his friends. Barr threatened the victim, calling him a “p*ssy” and asking if he wanted to fight. Barr was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Vanderbilt Football’s BJ Anderson bites two bouncers at Barstool Nashville

26-year-old Vanderbilt Football Player Bridges “BJ” Anderson was booked in the early hours of December 8th after officers were flagged down in front of Barstool Nashville on 2nd Avenue in regards to a man being restrained by security. When officers arrived, they observed Anderson visibly drunk and being held to the ground by bar security. Officers then placed him into cuffs and began the interview. Security told officers that Anderson tried to enter the bar with alcohol hidden inside a Gatorade bottle and was denied because of it and his level of intoxication. Anderson threw the bottle out and left the line, only to re-enter the line shortly after and be told again that he may not enter the bar. After being denied, Anderson tried to forcefully enter the bar, pushing security as they stood before him to block entry, forcing another security guard to wrap his arms around Anderson to stop him. This only angered Anderson, and he began to fight the security guards, biting both of them. Officers observed bite marks on both security guards.

Tourist Rury Wylie jailed after disorderly behavior outside of Barstool Nashville

27-year-old tourist Rury Wylie was attempting to fight other patrons outside of Barstool Nashville in downtown Nashville late Friday night when police observed him displaying an extended middle finger in an attempt to start altercations. He then began to yell at a nearby Taxi, even leaning his body onto the vehicle to obstruct it. Due to his level of intoxication and behavior, Wylie was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Joseph Tannous assaults cop who retrieved his fake ID from Barstool Sports

20-year-old Joseph Tannous was with a friend at the Barstool Sports bar in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning when he attempted to use a fake ID to gain entry to the venue. Security took the fake ID from Tannous and would not return it. Tannous then contacted the police in an attempt to retrieve his ID card. Officers reported the person on the ID was obviously not Tannous, and he was unable to provide any matching information. Tannous moved toward Officer Casey Lopez and attempted to snatch the fake ID from him, assaulting the officer in the process.

VIDEO: Johnie Brewington tased after brawl at Barstool Sports Bar in Nashville

45-year-old Johnie Brewington fought two people in Barstool Sports Bar before MNPD officers arrived after getting a call over the radio about a fight. The officer was flagged down by security, Hannah West, and Nazreth Czeskleba, who pointed down 2nd Ave, yelling, “He went that way!” and “The guy in the yellow!” Adam Druingode, a security guard, told police that Johnie Brewington pushed Nazreth and punched Hannah in the face while inside Barstool Sports Bar. When Johnie was escorted out, Adam said he fought against the security, but they did not wish to pursue charges.

Police noted a welt over Hannah’s left eye. Police rounded the corner of the building, security and Hannah pointed out Johnie, who was in a hugging/pushing match with another man. He was instructed to put his hands behind his back while police broke the men up. Neither complied, but police were able to push the other smaller man away, who then fled. Johnie resisted arrest and fought against seven to eight officers while telling them that he was a veteran and said other derogatory remarks towards them. Police instructed him several times that if he did not comply that he would be taxed, he did not comply, so the officer tased him. This incapacitated him long enough to place handcuffs on him, but he continued resisting. When NFD arrived, they sedated and took him to the general hospital before booking. During the fight with the officer, one was kicked in the knee and sought to prosecute. Johnie smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech.