George Levine founding roaming inside restricted areas of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

28-year-old George Levine was reportedly roaming around Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Tuesday afternoon. Vanderbilt Police contacted George, who staff said snuck into the hospital through the back loading dock door. After that, he began entering into restricted areas through stairwells without permission to do so. He ignored staff who attempted to talk to him, causing a disturbance. Eventually, they helped George out of the hospital and to Vanderbilt University Police. He then ignored the police, who arrested him because he had no reason to be on the property.

Patient charged with assault of nurse at Vanderbilt Hospital — Harold Henry

57-year-old Harold Henry was a patient in the critical care tower of Vanderbilt Univerity Medical Center earlier this month when he began yelling and screaming at nurse Alicia Bonner to get out of his room when she entered during shift change. He would later tell police he felt as if the nursing staff was “ganging up on him”. Bonner attempted to de-escalate the situation when Henry stated “Do you want some of this?” and spit in a cup of water and threw it at her, soaking her hair, shirt, and face. He then jumped at her as if he were going to strike her.

Patient charged after spitting on Vanderbilt Nurse; throwing coffee — Jimmy White Jr.

20-year-old Jimmy White, Jr. is charged with assault after he was being restrained and spit on a Registered Nurse in charge of his care at Vanderbilt Hospital. Earlier in the day he also threw a cup of coffee at the nurse. Bond was set at $250.

Man tells police “I buy marijuana by the pound, sell it by the ounce” during raid of his home

40-year-old Robert Vander McAdory is jailed on a $36,500 bond, after telling police he buys marijuana a pound at a time, and sells it by the ounce, during the execution of a search warrant on his North Nashville home.

Nurse Assaults Pregnant Girlfriend, reports says he punched, poured hot coffee on, spit on, and choked her.

A local nurse (RN) was arrested for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend at least twice, including alleged incidents of spitting in her face, punching her in the face, soaking her with a thermos of hot coffee, putting his elbow in her eye socket, and choking her.

12th Huffing Arrest: Brandon Gibson, Put Down The Duster

The call text read: MALE TRESPASSING, PANTS PULLED DOWN, HUFFING DUSTER. On Wednesday, that’s exactly what Offer Betty of the MNPD found when he arrived to the Arcade alley downtown. Brandon Gibson was found lying on the ground of the Arcade alley, his lower body exposed, and still huffing a can of compressed air duster.  Officer Betty attempted to help Gibson to his feed, according to a police report, and even gave him the opportunity to walk away without being arrested. However, Gibson refused to comply, and started making aggressive…