Monroe Shivers & Patrick Dudley charged in attempted Nordstrom robbery at Green Hills

30-year-old Monroe Shivers & 24-year-old Patrick Dudley were booked this week on an outstanding warrant from January after attempting to rob the Nordstrom store at Green Hills Mall. Video surveillance showed a black BMW X3 parked at the store entrance. Four individuals got out and broke the glass doors but couldn’t break down the metal doors behind the glass and fled the scene. Mall security told police that the exact vehicle with four individuals successfully burglarized a Belk store in Birmingham, Alabama, earlier that same day and stole $35,000 worth of handbags. The tag on the BMW was scanned into the LPR system to alert police when it was in their vicinity. Kentucky Highway Patrol located and attempted to pull over the BMW, but it fled, leading to a car chase until it crashed, and the four individuals were taken into custody. Multiple Handbags were found inside the vehicle, along with hammers, sledgehammers, ski masks, and gloves.

Teenager Bobby Wayne Key vandalizes woman’s car, calls her a ‘snitch’

Melanie Rappette says she went to Coronado Court to meet with a cousin of 18-year-old Bobby Wayne Key. As she entered, Key was exiting and called her a “snitch” as they passed each other. About an hour later, she came outside and immediately noticed her vehicle was “damaged”, resulting in an estimate of over $1,600 to repair. Key texted the victim apologizing for the vandalism.

VIDEO: Jason Terry charged with slashing tires of 8 vehicles before citizens beat him with baseball bats

Several business owners say 45-year-old Jason Terry slashed the tires of at least eight vehicles parked at a shopping center on Charlotte Pike. In a video obtained by Scoop: Nashville, the business owners are seen chasing him down with baseball bats and assaulting him in a large group. Joshua Schangel says he had just pulled into the parking lot and was still in his vehicle when Terry slashed his tire. Casee Adams, who works at a chiropractic business in the strip mall was coming out for lunch and also observed him slashing tires. Both witnesses positively identified him in a photo lineup. While being chased by a group of owners carrying baseball bats, Terry cut one of them, Cyong Nguyen, with the same knife he had used to slash the tires.

Man charged with shooting another man during scuffle over his wife — John Breckenridge

Metro police say 31-year-old John Breckenridge was having a “panic attack” when they arrived at a Poplar Creek Road address, where he had shot Ronald Pratt in what a witness describes as an argument and scuffle over Breckenridge’s wife. An arrest warrant alleges that Breckenridge knocked on the front door of the home and Pratt’s mother opened the door. When Ronald Pratt went outside, an argument and scuffle ensued in the front yard, and witnesses heard a gunshot, followed by Ronald Pratt coming back inside and falling on the floor, freshly shot in the abdomen.

Breckenridge’s father was standing by outside the residence in a pickup truck, but Breckenridge didn’t flee as he suffered an injury to his ear and was having a panic attack, which resulted in him also being transported to the hospital. Breckenridge refused to be interviewed and remains jailed in lieu of a $100,000 bond, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Teen charged in aggravated burglary, vulgar images drawn on walls of victim’s home

18-year-old Loren Loomis was booked on an a felony aggravated burglary warrant last week, charging him with breaking into a residence and causing approximately $4,000 in damages. The two females that fled the scene with him have not yet been identified.