Elizabeth Newland attacks bartender with Red Bull can in downtown Nashville

50-year-old Elizabeth Victoria McCormick-Newland, the wife of Nashville Fire Captain John Newland II, had an altercation with Kourtney Jane Smith, a bartender at the Lucky Bastard Saloon, in downtown Nashville on January 27th. Smith told officers that McCormick-Newland threw a Red Bull can at her during an argument, leaving a minor laceration on her forehead. She refused medical treatment but advised officers that she wanted to prosecute for the unprovoked attack. Officers reviewed surveillance from the bar, which was consistent with Smith’s statement. Security at Lucky Bastard had McCormick-Newland detained until officers arrived. After their investigation, McCormick-Newland was taken into custody for assault.

DUI: Jackson Brady pulled over for fleeing accident, tells police he didn’t know

22-year-old Jackson Brady collided with a Toyota Tundra in his blue Kia on the interstate near Jefferson Street early January 28th. Officers located the two vehicles at the Stewarts Ferry Pike and Bell Road intersection and noticed the Tundra following the Kia. So, they activated their sirens, initiating a traffic stop on the Kia. Brady was slow to stop and exhibited many signs of intoxication during their interaction. Brady advised that he didn’t know he had hit a vehicle and consented to sobriety tests, where he performed poorly. Brady told them that he was going home from work, then admitted to consuming alcohol before driving. Brady was taken into custody for driving under the influence, failing to report an accident, leaving the scene of an accident, and failing to give information.

Larry Dorsey charged with illegal sale of alcohol from cigar lounge on Jefferson Street

38-year-old Larry Dorsey was booked on two outstanding citations this week from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. TABC visited his Obsidian Cigar Lounge on Jefferson St in November. At that time, servers sold an undercover agent seven unopened bottles of liquor, and another sold an agent a Jack Daniels drink. Dorsey was charged with the unlawful sale of alcohol without a proper license and illegal storage of liquor for sale.

Russian tourist Oleg Belonogov too drunk for Nashville

30-year-old Russian tourist Oleg Belonogov was charged with public intoxication on December 21st. According to police, Oleg refused to leave the EG&MC Restaurant and Bar on Jefferson St when asked and began to annoy other customers. When officers arrived at the bar, they offered to give Oleg a ride home or to his hotel, but he refused and told officers he would walk. Officers reported they could smell a “strong odor of alcohol” coming from his breath and that Oleg was unable to walk on his own safely, so he was taken into custody.

DUI: Eshaundra Patton found asleep behind wheel on interstate ramp after drinking at House of Legends

22-year-old Eshaundra Patton says she drank Casamigos tequila at House of Legends Bar on Jefferson Street before police found her passed out asleep behind the wheel of her vehicle in the middle of an interstate ramp early Saturday morning. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated she only ate a few bites of a Philly cheesesteak egg roll with all of her liquor. She’s charged with DUI.

Man caught stuffing ‘ready rock’ into his pants on Jefferson Street

59-year-old Henry Jones was charged with driving on revoked, paraphernalia, and felony drug offense after he was seen driving while officers knew he did not have a valid license.

Zamar Redmond charged in fatal shooting of Andre McDonald

Metro Police say coordinated police work led to today’s arrest of homicide suspect Zamar Redmond, 27, for the June 22nd fatal shooting of Andre L. McDonald near the intersection of 12th Avenue North and Jefferson Street.

Metro employee sneaks cocaine into jail after DUI arrest

42-year-old Lorenzo Barr was charged with DUI, implied consent, and contraband inside a penal system after police conducted a traffic stop because he ran a red light and nearly hit another driver.