Teen felon’s ankle monitor leads police to find him in stolen Mercedes; evasion causes 3 hospitalizations

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17-year-old David Mays was charged with evading arrest, felon in possession of a handgun, theft, possession of drugs, and violating CoR after evading authorities in a stolen Benz, crashing into 3 vehicles, causing hospitalizations, and fleeing on foot.

On September 11th, Metro Nashville Police Officers were conducting surveillance on David Mays who was believed to have been in a stolen silver Mercedes-Benz. The officers coordinated with the Global Positioning System (GPS) company of his ankle monitor to locate Mays. Their surveillance showed the vehicle traveling on Vanderhorst Drive. Mays refused to stop when the officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop. He continued to flee and officers backed off, turning off all emergency equipment due to aviation being able to follow and give them directions.

David Mays (MNPD)
David Mays (MNPD)

Mays was followed in the Mercedes-Benz until he crashed at Brick Church Pike and Ewing Drive where he struck three vehicles causing three hospitalizations. He fled the scene of the accident on foot with aviation still pursuing him and directing officers to his location. Officers arrived and gave Mays commands to stop, observing him discard a loaded Taurus G2C 9mm handgun. He then ran again, getting into his sister’s vehicle that was in a nearby parking lot in an attempt to escape.

Police were able to pull him from the vehicle and return to where he discarded the handgun. A search of his person yielded two grams of marijuana. Inside the stolen Benz there were twenty pills, two grams of heroin, seven naloxone pills, and a cell phone that Mays admitted ownership of. Once he was placed into custody the police found out that he is under bond conditions from a previous charge in Tennessee prohibiting him from carrying any weapon and possessing or using alcohol or any controlled substance.

David Mays was arrested and charged with theft of property, two counts evading arrest, felon in possession of a firearm with intent, felony drug offense, possession with intent of a Schedule I drug, two counts of possession for casual exchange, contempt, violation of conditions of release, three counts of leaving the scene of an accident, three counts of failure to give information/render aid, three counts of failure to report an accident, no driver’s license, and driving while license suspended. He is currently jailed in lieu of an $82,500 bond.

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