If you keep getting caught, you should probably just give up: Kedrick Ross Arrested. Again.

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Kedrick Ross, age 27, now has 7 physical arrests covering 24 charges, another 6 citations, and 4 grand jury indictments – all related to selling & using drugs in Nashville, and that’s not counting his multiple probation violation arrests. His most recent arrest was on Thursday, when he was observed selling drugs in the Watkins College of Art parking lot.

Police say that Kedrick Ross was the driver of a vehicle they observed to be making a hand-to-hand transaction in a North Nashville parking lot on Thursday. They followed Ross onto 24th Ave as he left the area, and he was observed not using a turn signal at 24th Ave North & McKinney, and again at Simpkins & 24th Ave North. That’s when police activated their lights and sirens, as they reason to conduct a traffic stop, and Ross pulled into a driveway at Cass Street & 23rd Ave North, but only for a few seconds.

Kedrick Ross (MNPD)

Almost immediately after pulling into the driveway, Ross attempted to flee by driving away, and was apprehended a bit further down Cass Street. Police say Ross initially refused to exit the vehicle and was making movements under the front seat of the passenger side of the vehicle. Officers could immediately smell marijuana when approaching the vehicle. Ross was taken into custody and a full search of the vehicle was conducted, resulting in the seizure of:

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  • 2 full quart mason jars of marijuana
  • 1 quart mason jar w/some marijuana
  • 5 measured bags of marijuana
    • 13.5 gram bag
    • 2x 1.1 gram bags
    • 7.5 gram bag
    • 3.2 gram bag
  • MDMA pills
  • Xanax bars
  • Oxycodone
  • Stolen pistol
  • Electronic scales

Kendrick Ross was charged with possession w/intent SCH VI, simple possession, felon on possession of a weapon, theft of stolen gun, possession w/intent SCH IV, possession of weapon during felony, possession w/intent of a SCH II over 26 grams. He is currently free on $26,500 bond, via Brooke’s Bail Bonding. During questioning, Ross admitted he know it was officers following him.

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