Man strikes two vehicles driving erratically down Nolensville Pike in the wrong direction

28-year-old Tyler Eskridge was charged with drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, and implied consent after striking two vehicles while driving the wrong direction down Nolensville Pike.

Traffic stop finds man with domestic assault and theft warrants

22-year-old Tyler Stewart was charged with domestic assault, theft, and unlawful drug paraphernalia when a traffic stop led to police checking his ID and finding warrants, along with needles in his pocket that he admitted were used for heroin.

Police recognize Madison woman with warrants; vehicle search yields more paraphernalia

44-year-old Jessica Rippey was charged with two counts of drug paraphernalia and violation of open container law stemming from a December 2019 incident where she backed into a parked vehicle at Town & Country Ford. Officers spotted her six months later in Madison and searched her vehicle again to find more paraphernalia.

Kristi Smith Arrested. DCSO: She had a syringe WHERE?

If you thought your Monday was bad this week, here’s a line from a charging affidavit for Kristi Lea Smith, from the DCSO (Davidson County Sheriff’s Office): “UPON A SEARCH IN DCSO CUSTODY, DAVIDSON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES LOCATED A SYRINGE IN THE DEFENDANT’S VAGINA.” Kristi Lea Smith was initially arrested on drug paraphernalia charges on Monday, after she was found to have been in a vehicle with someone that had overdosed, who medics eventually found slumped over the steering wheel in the vehicle. Witnesses place her in the vehicle, and…

ARREST: Rebecca Laux. MNPD recovered 2 needles & a spoon from inside her lady bits

Rebecca Laux was arrested on Sunday, and charged with drug paraphernalia charges, as by the time MNPD officers arrived, she had used the drugs, and hidden the needles and a spoon inside her ‘private parts’ according to a MNPD affidavit. The call for service came into MNPD Dispatch, as a female who was in the restroom of a Twice Daily gas station and has been in there for an extended period of time. Once officers arrived, they made contact with Rebecca Laux, and she consented to a search of her…