Woman violates release conditions, caught in fight with husband after stabbing incident

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55-year-old Denyce Jones was charged with resisting arrest and a violation of her conditional release after a domestic disturbance in an apartment. Jones’ violation stems from reportedly attempting to stab her husband when coming home from church back in December.

On December 22nd, officers received a call regarding a man claiming to have been stabbed. Upon arrival, law enforcement made contact with Dell Winters and Denyce Jones. The two informed officers that they are married and live together in the residence. Law enforcement noted various small lacerations to Winters’ chest. Winters stated to officers that himself and Jones had been involved in a verbal altercation throughout the day. This was due in part to an alleged medication that Jones takes, Winters claiming his wife to be hard to reason with when she fails to take the prescribed dosage.

According to the affidavit, Winters was lying down on his bed when Jones returned from church. Jones reportedly began to scream at Winters from the kitchen area to vacate the premises. Jones then beat on their closed bedroom door in order to gain his attention. When Winters opened the door, Jones proceeded to assault him with an unidentified object, per report. Winters shoved Jones away from his person out of self-defense and dialed 911.

Denyce Jones (MNPD)
Denyce Jones (MNPD)

The Nashville Fire Department later medically cleared Winters from the attack. Jones claimed to police that Winters had fabricated the entire incident and that she never touched him. A small kitchen knife was recovered on the ground shortly thereafter, leading to the determination that Jones was the primary aggressor during the incident. Jones was charged with aggravated assault and was given a conditional release, stating that Jones must vacate any residence that Winters lives in and the two cannot be in the same home.

On June 10th, officers were dispatched to 203 N 8th St in regards to a domestic disturbance. On arrival, law enforcement identified the two parties involved as Jones and Winters. A computer check of both parties revealed that Jones was in violation of her conditional release. Officers then attempted to place Jones into custody for the violation of bond conditions, to which she responded by resisting.

Jones was eventually handcuffed, her hands placed in front of her person due to her restraint. After the handcuffs were placed onto Jones, she dropped to the floor, defying attempts to stand back up. Jones allegedly remained on the floor and crawled her way to the bathroom in order to contact emergency services. After law enforcement requested an additional assisting officer, Jones permitted law enforcement to guide her to a police vehicle.

Denyce Jones was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and violation of a conditional release. Her bond was set at $2,000.

Jones, Denyce417830203 N 8TH ST
Nashville, TN 37206
Res. Arr.
Jones, Denyce417830203 N 8TH ST
Nashville, TN 37206
Conditional Release Viol.

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