Tyler Hutcherson-Scott charged after driving car directly at ex-girlfriend

24-year-old Tyler Hutcherson-Scott was jailed on April 17th on an outstanding warrant from the 7th when he tried to hit his ex-girlfriend Hannah Sullivan with his car. Sullivan was arriving at her storage unit on McNally Drive to get some items out. As Sullivan was pulling into the unit, Hutcherson was pulling out and drove his car directly at her. Sullivan sped off, and Hutcherson drove in reverse after her. While she was on her way home, she called the police and stated that he tried to hit her car several more times, placing her in fear. Sullivan finally returned home safely, and Hutcherson fled the scene. The incident at the storage unit was caught on video.

On the morning of the 17th, prior to his arrest, Tyler was also at the courthouse for a hearing when he stepped into the line beside Hannah, stared at her, and began to say “yeah, yeah…” to her repeatedly. He then followed her to the elevators while expressing that she ruined his life, all of which was in violation of an active order of protection.