DUI: Arturo Dabon tells officers he had “too many beers”

27-year-old Arturo Alcala Dabon was observed passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle near the Old Hickory Boulevard and Saddlecreek Way intersection on May 12th. Medics woke him up and placed him in the back of the ambulance. When officers arrived, firefighters told them Dabon showed signs of impairment while exiting the vehicle. They asked Dabon what happened, and he replied, “Too many beers.” He performed poorly during sobriety tests, and after being informed of implied consent, he agreed to provide a blood sample. Dabon was transported to Nashville General Hospital and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: MMA Fighter Shane Tuohy drinks 6 pints of Miller Lite before crashing his car on I-24 West

33-year-old MMA Fighter Shane Vincent Tuohy had a single-vehicle accident on I-24 West near Mile Marker 61.0 on April 8th. When officers arrived, they noticed Tuohy was unsteady and had to be seated on the curb for safety. He told officers that he had passed out and did not realize that he had struck a guardrail until he regained consciousness. Tuohy added that he believed he suffered a stroke. During an inventory vehicle search, officers located three empty Michelob Ultra 24 oz cans behind the passenger seat. Tuohy took a sobriety test in the back of the ambulance and showed signs of impairment. Then, officers transported him to Nashville General Hospital and Mirandized him, where he admitted to having 6 pints of Miller Lite from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Tuohy then agreed to provide a blood sample. Tuohy was booked on the citation of driving under the influence and insufficient evidence of compliance on April 19th.

Navia Scales pulls boyfriend’s hair after he takes her phone

25-year-old Navia Scales had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Nicolas Roberson, at their Brentridge Apartment on April 14th. Roberson called the police, stating that Scales pulled his hair, so when officers arrived, they interviewed the couple. They both told officers that Scales had called someone on the phone, which sparked an argument. During the argument, Robertson had taken Scales’ phone out of her hand. In response, Scales pulled his hair out so he would return her phone. Scales was deemed the primary aggressor and then was taken into custody for domestic assault.

George Garas rips wife’s shoes after argument tells police she “did not deserve to wear them”

43-year-old George Garas had a domestic incident with his wife, Nadia Farag, at their Hamilton Church Road apartment on the morning of February 27th. Farag spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that Garas threw most of their food away and tore a pair of her shoes apart following an argument. Officers noticed food and a pair of damaged pink Crocs scattered on their floor. As they left, Garas returned to the scene and admitted to ripping Farag’s shoes, stating that she “Did not deserve to wear them.” Garas was taken into custody for vandalism.

Samika Cohen charged with aggravated assault after shooting at husband; “Go ahead and shoot me!”

48-year-old Samika Cohen was jailed Tuesday afternoon after an argument with her husband turned violent at their home on Waterford Way. Samika told police that her husband, Jameel Cohen, left for a short time after an argument, and when he came back inside, he head-butted her, causing her upper lip to swell. As he was walking away, Samika pulled out a revolver. Jameel said ‘Go ahead and shoot me.” As he walked toward the front door, Samika fired one shot, striking the stairs in front of her. Jameel wasn’t in the direct line of fire but was in the immediate vicinity. Samika told police she was only firing a “warning shot” to keep her husband away. There is video footage of Jameel running out of the home immediately after the shot. According to Samika, before the incident, Jameel had pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at their son Ricky Smith.

Mya Delgado calls 911 on her girlfriend, but she goes to jail for assault

23-year-old Mya Delgado called 911 to report her girlfriend, Chelsea Channel Bryanton (AKA Cinko), wouldn’t allow her to retrieve her belongings from their shared apartment. The couple returned home after being out at a nightclub and got into an argument as Mya had a flat tire on the way home with no way to call for help due to Chelsea taking her phone. Mya says Chelsea came at her, so she threw her keys at her in “self-defense” from approximately 8-10 feet away. Chelsea told police that Mya came home and began destroying the bedroom looking for her phone, and then pushed Chelsea down in anger. Once she found them, Mya reportedly hit her girlfriend in the head while holding the keys. Due to the victim’s documented injuries and the damage around the home, Mya was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Reginae Rogers breaks out glass door & smashes phone when she’s unable to use mother’s phone charger

Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic disturbance call in Antioch in which 21-year-old Reginae Rogers complained that her mother, Natasha Bryant, would not let her use her phone charger. Reginae reportedly got upset and slammed her phone on the ground, and during the argument used her hand to break a sliding glass door in anger, which also placed her mother in fear of being assaulted. Her mother reported Reginae had been awake for three days and believed her to be on some sort of drug.