Samika Cohen charged with aggravated assault after shooting at husband; “Go ahead and shoot me!”

48-year-old Samika Cohen was jailed Tuesday afternoon after an argument with her husband turned violent at their home on Waterford Way. Samika told police that her husband, Jameel Cohen, left for a short time after an argument, and when he came back inside, he head-butted her, causing her upper lip to swell. As he was walking away, Samika pulled out a revolver. Jameel said ‘Go ahead and shoot me.” As he walked toward the front door, Samika fired one shot, striking the stairs in front of her. Jameel wasn’t in the direct line of fire but was in the immediate vicinity. Samika told police she was only firing a “warning shot” to keep her husband away. There is video footage of Jameel running out of the home immediately after the shot. According to Samika, before the incident, Jameel had pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at their son Ricky Smith.

Vodka with cousins leads to train wreck for Antioch woman

20-year-old Hailey Vilaysith was charged with driving under the influence and underage consumption when video footage showed the car she was driving collided with a train at a railroad crossing. She told officers the driver fled the scene.

Man offers 13-year-old $10 for obscene photos, leaves money in strangest place

59-year-old Stephenson Belgrave, of Antioch, is jailed in lieu of a $75,000 bond after he admitted his crimes to a Youth Services Sex Crimes Detective. Metro Nashville Police say Belgrave, 59, admitted that he offered to pay his 13-year-old step-granddaughter $10 to take a nude photo of her vagina and send it to him. He then also admitted to patting her vagina on the outside of her clothing. He additionally admitted to placing a $10 bill under the child’s breast as she slept at his home. Police were made aware…

Man leaves 3 children in car while inside Antioch Las Nenas Bar for several hours

Garcia Ferman, 41, is waking up in a Nashville jail this morning, charged with 3 counts of child neglect (under 8), after he left his children in his vehicle while reportedly spending several hours inside Las Nenas Bar & Billiards Sunday night.

Armed security guard arrested for impersonating police officer: David Delgado

While working as an armed security guard at a Nashville church, 53-year-old David Delgado, of Antioch, impersonated a police officer while attempting to intimidate a member of the church. He was arrested and charged on November 1st.