Armed security guard arrested for impersonating police officer: David Delgado

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While working as an armed security guard at a Nashville church, 53-year-old David Delgado, of Antioch, impersonated a police officer while attempting to intimidate a member of the church. He was arrested and charged on November 1st.

In an incident at a local church, where the victim seems to have made a complaint about an armed security guard’s actions – the security guard approached the victim, and asked to speak with him. The victim was holding his 2-year-old-son at the time. Delgado, who was employed as a private security guard, was wearing a uniform including a holstered handgun, and a shirt with ‘POLICE’ lettering on the back.

David Delgado (MNPD)

During the conversation, Delgado displayed a photograph of what appeared to be Delgado in a NYPD uniform, as the told the victim:

“That’s what I’m about. Don’t fuck with me.”

Delgado then told the victim if he called and complained on him again, that it “wouldn’t be good for him”, and further stated “for the sake of your son, I’ll leave it right here for now”. The victim felt intimidated, and in fear for his own safety.

In an unrelated investigation in April, Delgado had told MNPD detectives that he was a retired MNPD Detective, however the NYPD told Metro they have no record of Mr. Delgado ever being employed as a police officer, and Mr. Delgado was unable to provide any proof, credentials, or certifications to support his claim that he was an active or retired law enforcement officer of any kind, in any state.

Delgado was released to his Antioch address on pre-trial release, and will appear in court on 12/10/2018. He has an active license with the State of Tennessee to be an armed security guard, granted in June of 2008.

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