Ryan Taugher pulled from Nashville home, to be extradited on stalking & gun charges in Utah

Nashville police raided the home of Ryan Taugher on October 5 after detectives were notified of multiple full extradition warrants out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Taugher initially refused to come outside, and more than a dozen specialized team members approached the door, eventually entering and throwing what appeared to be a flash-bang as a distraction to take him into custody. Taugher faced recent charges in Nashville, which we covered in July after he was charged with the felony aggravated assault of his influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch. He pleaded those charges down from a felony to a misdemeanor last month and received a probated sentence.

Police say on September 28th, Taugher flew from Nashville to Salt Lake City after texting Mckinli asking where she was and repeatedly being told to leave her alone. Eventually, Mckinli stopped responding, and Taugher reportedly dressed in all black and set out to find her. While Mckinli was upstairs, she heard banging on her front door and began receiving calls from Taugher. Mckinli went to the basement to hide and saw Taugher climb through a basement window. She safely escaped through a window as soon as she had the chance. Once inside Mckini’s home, Taugher grabbed a steak knife and searched the house for her. He left when he couldn’t find her and was found near her house with the steak knife.

The Utah warrants note that Taugher’s actions put the community and Mckinli at great risk. A lethality assessment was conducted with Mckinli, to which she scored high risk, reporting that this is not the first time he has used weapons against her; he has also strangled her, and she believes he will try to kill her. It was additionally noted that Traugher is violently jealous of Mckinli, controls her daily activities, follows her, and leaves threatening messages for her. Mckinli stated that she is terrified that he may commit murder or suicide. Taugher was booked into Salt Lake County jail on September 28th and released on September 29th, prior to the state having the opportunity to review the submitted case, and he then returned to Nashville. His Utah warrants include felony burglary, stalking, illegal possession of a firearm, and theft.

Ryan Taugher charged in felony aggravated assault of influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch

29-year-old Ryan Christopher Taugher was jailed in Nashville early Wednesday morning for the domestic assault of his social media influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch. There was an initial argument Tuesday night after Ryan became intoxicated and reportedly hit McKinli. She says he then tossed her clothes around the home and threw a piece of frozen candy at her. Still intoxicated, Ryan then threw a glass bottle at McKinli, which shattered across her buttocks, causing injuries and bleeding. She ran outside and called 911 and stated she had been hit and was being chased, but seconds later, he grabbed the phone and disconnected the call.

Officers responded to the hang-up call, but Ryan pulled her into the bushes, where they successfully hid from officers. The officers knocked on the door, but no one responded, so they pulled around the corner. Once they left the immediate area, he escorted her back into the home and threw her into a room. Due to their past, she was afraid she would be assaulted if she attempted to leave. He then made her text her family and tell them she was OK, as she had previously texted them for help. He then forced her to change out of her bloody clothing. She found a moment to escape out the front door, and he chased her as she screamed. The nearby officers heard the screaming and observed Ryan holding her as she struggled when they approached. The parties were separated, and Ryan Taugher was taken into custody

DUI: Ryan Taugher claims he’s just waiting on his Chipolte, police say he’s too drunk to drive

28-year-old Ryan Taugher was driving a blue Mercedes in North Nashville Friday and parked at the Chipotle on Rosa L. Parks Blvd when police encountered the vehicle, parked partially in the striped handicapped area. Officers approached the car and Taugher stated he was waiting for his order. He admitted to drinking “3 or 4 mimosas” earlier, and police say he reeked of alcohol. He refused all testing and was transported to booking, charged with DUI.