Mechanic shoots customer who pulled an “assault-style” rifle on him, upset over his work — Tony Hutcherson & Stevarius Midgett

19-year-old Stevarius Midgett was upset over the work 29-year-old Tony Hutcherson had completed on his Honda sedan. When he showed up at his Gallatin Pike repair shop on Saturday he pulled an “assault-style rifle” to intimidate the man, according to police, but didn’t fire it. As he returned to his car to leave, Hutcherson, who is a convicted felon, pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired into his car, striking the customer in his torso. Both men were jailed.

Flipping Music City CEO Lukas Ham pulls assault rifle on neighbor during street parking dispute

26-year-old Real Estate investor Lukas Ham, who owns Flipping Music City / Modern Investments, was jailed over the weekend after the baby-faced CEO reportedly popped his trunk and pulled an “assault-style rifle” on his neighbor during an argument about a parking lot on the public street where they both live. The victim, Billy Jimenez, says Ham walked toward him with the rifle asking “do we have a problem”, causing him to fear for his life. Ham’s wife, Tehya, confirmed he pulled a gun and confronted their neighbor. Ham refused to speak about the argument or gun, and said the victim’s “verbal aggression was inappropriate and that wasn’t going to happen”.

Tourist pulls AR-15 on security guard at Opryland area hotel — Travis Black

Security at Courtyard by Marriott Nashville at Opryland says they made 32-year-old Travis Black aware that his vehicle had been broken into as he returned to the hotel with his girlfriend, via an Uber. He then became belligerent, went to his hotel room and returned with a guitar bag and pulled an AR-15 from it, and told them “someone with a badge” would get shot.

Jazzy’s unlicensed ‘security guard’ pulls AR-15, threatens to “swiss cheese” vehicle — Eric Jenkins

30-year-old Eric L Jenkins, who isn’t allowed to possess a gun due to his multiple gun and drug-related felonies, domestic violence convictions, and Community Corrections probation status out of Murfreesboro, approached an 18-wheeler which was parked on the public roadway in front of Jazzy’s, which is a club that employs Jenkins as a security guard, with a handgun holstered on his hip despite the state confirming he is not allowed to possess even an unarmed security license. He told the truck driver to move, and when he refused, Jenkins went to his white Ford Crown Victoria 30 yards away and retrieved an AR-15 rifle, pointed it at the 18-wheeler, and threatened to “swiss cheese” the truck if it didn’t move.

The truck driver called police, who responded to the scene and attempted to interview Jenkins, however, the manager of Jazzy’s lied to police and said he wasn’t inside. Once officers prepared his Crown Victoria to be towed, he magically appeared coming out of the club and was taken into custody. In addition to his new felony charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against the truck driver and passenger, he’s charged with prohibited person possession charges, two additional outstanding warrants, and Murfreesboro Community Corrections has a warrant also for his arrest, in case his posts his $27,000 bond in Nashville. Jenkins’ hairline also failed to appear, but did not face any additional charges.

Man accidentally shoots into neighbor’s apartment with his AR-15

35-year-old Philip Restifo was charged with reckless endangerment after he was testing his AR-15 and accidentally fired into his neighbor’s apartment.

Two face drug & weapons charges after AR-15 w/2 loaded drums, other guns & marijuana found

26-year-old Dwight Harris Jr. and 24-year-old Zedrick Howard now face multiple charges after a traffic stop led to the discovery of marijuana in a cut tire, an AR-15 with two loaded drum style magazines, a Glock 22, and a Taurus 247.