Photos: Sip & Paint event turned into illegal pop-up sex club in North Nashville

An event billed as an ‘Exotic Sip & Paint’ was held in North Nashville Saturday night on Buchanan Street. While the event was billed as ‘exotic’, it went much further, as the models stripped, leaned back in their chairs in front of the crowded audience, and let the paying guests perform sex acts on them while ‘painting’ their bodies.

Crazy Horse Strip Club Employee Calls Police on Herself, Gets Arrested for Public Intox | Jessica Bray

In the early hours of Sunday morning, MNPD received another call for service to Nashville’s Crazy Horse Gentleman’s club – this time the caller said she was was an employee there, and management was refusing to let her leave the property. 29 year-old Jessica Bray, who works at Crazy Horse, called police and stated that her employer was preventing her from leaving the property. Once police arrived, they found Bray showing obvious signs of alcohol impairment, including bloodshot water eyes, slurred speech, and a strong odor of alcohol coming from…