Photos: Sip & Paint event turned into illegal pop-up sex club in North Nashville

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An event billed as an ‘Erotic Sip & Paint’ was held in North Nashville Saturday night on Buchanan Street. While the event was billed as ‘erotic’, it went much further, as the models stripped, leaned back in their chairs in front of the crowded audience, and let the paying guests perform sex acts on them while ‘painting’ their bodies.

Not even strip clubs in Nashville allow touching, much less touching and sex acts. Yet this all happened on display for the entire audience inside the Moguls Lounge & Barber Shop event space Saturday Night Рand it was open to the public for the price of a $25 ticket ($35 VIP w/2 drinks).

Since learning of the event last weekend, Metro Codes took swift action, and on Thursday posted the property with a stop work/use order without further permits and inspections. The property owner has since submitted an application for a permit, which will trigger the appropriate inspections for the venue space, including the fire marshal. The owner was also informed that events such as this one were not allowed under any circumstances at this location, or within the zoning district.

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Here’s the flyer from the event, and we’ll caution you that while we have marked all images below as mostly ‘safe for work’, there is a fully ‘NSFW’ version linked for each one. Actually, you probably shouldn’t be viewing any of this from work, so you’ve been cautioned, as the remainder of the story is simply photos from the event. All relevant information is included above this line.

As you can see, even before the main event started, the event began to live up to its name, with the models now stripped naked, dancing and letting people perform sex acts on them:

As the event formally started, the ‘models’ for the Sip and Paint party, who were already stripped naked, took their places in front of the audience in their chairs.

NSFW version here.

That’s when guests lines up and were allowed to perform sex on them, included (but not limited to) their hands mouths, as well as ‘paint’ them during the process.

NSFW version here

This continued as the main even of the evening, as people lined up and took their turns in front of the models. Some chose to use their hands, and some their mouths, both featured in the photo below:

NSFW version here

The activities continued for quite some time.

NSFW version here

Eventually, everyone that bought a ticket to the event got their turn to ‘paint’ Saturday night.

NSFW version here

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