The Ultimate Uber/Lyft Guide to Nashville Strip Club Kickbacks (Cash Money)

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Are you an Uber/Lyft driver in Nashville? You may be losing hundreds of dollars a week that you don’t even know about, especially if you drive a lot of bachelor parties, or late night fares. The secret is in the kickbacks. Just like taxis & food delivery places give kickbacks to hotel front desks for recommending them, Nashville Strip Clubs will certainly slide some cash your way for bringing riders to their door!

The highest we’ve found in Nashville has been around $15 per person on avg, the lowest around $6 per person. The rate changes based on the day of the week, the time of day, and how close to capacity the club is at (They’re not going to pay you to bring customers to a club that already has line out the door at capacity – however if it’s a slow Tuesday, you may very well get some prime kickback rates). When passengers ask for a recommendation, instead of basing it on which will bring you a higher ride-share fare, you can base your decision on which club has the higher payout at the time, which you’ll learn over time, and changes throughout the year, too.

So, how do you get your money? It’s simple, you ask for it! Many people were afraid to even ask – but it’s super easy!  When you reach the club as your destination, and the passengers go into the club, go to the door with them, make sure the doorman or pay window person sees you, and let them know that you drive for lyft/uber and you are dropping off X number of customers. The doorman/valet will usually validate your count, if needed. You’ll need to do a little prep work though – most will require you to have a business card of some sort to prove in their own accounting who they’re doling out cash to. You should probably already have your own cards anyways – you can get 500 for $10 or less at dozens of online places, just pop on the uber/lyft logos, your name, a phone number, and you’re good to go. Of course, you’ll want to have your ID/license with you, to prove it’s you, since the amount can be reported to the IRS if it meets a certain threshold.

Bring with you:

  • Photo ID
  • Business Card
  • or Your VIP Card (if a return visit)

Tax Note: If a club pays you more than a certain amount per year (usually between $500-650, depending on the tax regulations of the given year) you receive a statement (as will the IRS) so that taxes may be due on the amount from the individual club).

Who’s Paying What?

Here’s some of the more popular drops in Nashville for strip clubs:

Deja Vu: Avg $12/head, depending on day/time/capacity

Cabaret Royale: Avg $15/head, depending on day/time/capacity

Crazy Horse: Avg $13/head, depending on day/time/capacity

If you’re working the downtown core, especially in the right hours, you can easily get fares that are strip-club bound, or even suggest the club to folks that are leaving the bar, before they make it to the hotel. Groups are usually more receptive to the suggestion, and if you’ve got even 1 ride a night, with a couple of people, that can be an increase of $150/week – just image getting a couple per night, or more on the weekends. Kickbacks are everywhere in the service industry, and ride-share in Nashville is no exception.

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