DUI: Paizlan Doss has 5 drinks at Alley Pub before driving on wrong side of road

23-year-old Paizlan Doss was driving northbound in the southbound lanes on Old Hickory Boulevard in the early hours of March 8th. Officers observed this and initiated a traffic stop on Doss. As Doss came to a stop, she drove into the curb three times. Officers approached the vehicle and noticed Doss reeked of alcohol. Doss then explained that she just left Alley Pub, where she had five drinks in four hours. Doss consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. She then agreed to provide a breath sample, which resulted in 0.136 BAC%. Doss was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Gregory Farrow flips Lexus just feet from his home

38-year-old Gregory Farrow overturned his black Lexus on Erin Lane on Feb 25, according to police. He was found standing outside the vehicle and was uninjured — the accident occurred just a few feet from his home. Officers report a strong odor of alcohol coming from Farrow, and he admitted to consuming three beers. He refused field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI. En route to booking, he continuously repeated the same slurred sentences.

DUI: David Iturriaga crashes into pole after leaving Alley Pub

28-year-old David Iturriaga crashed his vehicle in the early hours of Saturday morning after leaving Alley Pub on Hwy 70 South. He told officers he consumed 2-3 alcoholic drinks at the bar prior to leaving and crashing his vehicle into a utility pole, causing the pole and wires to fall to the ground. He would later blow a 0.125% BAC on a breathalyzer as he was booked into custody and charged with DUI.