Landlord caught on video smashing tenant’s car windows

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70-year-old Vernon Criswell was charged with vandalism after he was caught on video smashing the car windows of a man renting his property. He originally showed up at the property to tell the renter to stop harassing him.

On October 3rd, Metro Nashville Police officers were dispatched to Vernon Criswell’s residence for an assault in progress. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Criswell who stated he owns the residence and is renting it to Charles “Steve” Ewing. Criswell advised police he went to the residence to confront Ewing about harassing him. Criswell stated he parked his truck outside of the residence blocking the driveway and waited for Ewing to return home.

Vernon Criswell (MNPD)
Vernon Criswell (MNPD)

When he returned, Criswell began yelling at him telling him to leave him alone and stop coming by his house. Ewing allegedly turned his steering wheel toward Criswell like he was going to run him over, so Criswell grabbed a stick from his truck and broke the back window and rear driver side window of Ewing’s vehicle. The next-door neighbor, Mary Boyde, showed police a video she captured of the incident. The video shows Criswell walking alongside Ewing’s vehicle yelling with a stick already in his hand. The video then shows Criswell break Ewing windows and he proceeds to speed off.

Vernon Criswell was arrested and charged with vandalism over $1,000. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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