Man wrecks girlfriend’s apartment when he believes she was cheating on him

31-year-old Lewis Brown was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he caused $1,000 worth of damage to his girlfriend’s house because he thought she was cheating on him.

ARREST: Kyreshia Brown Finds Used Condom, Assaults Boyfriend at Dinner Table for Cheating | We Found Him on POF!

Kyreshia Brown was arrested Saturday night for domestic assault w/injury, and vandalism, after she attacked her boyfriend at the dinner table. Earlier, she had found a used condom which she assumed to belong to her boyfriend. Once at the dinner table Saturday evening, she confronted her boyfriend, and accussed him of cheating on her. She then smacked his food against the wall, ripped a necklace from around his neck,and took him to the ground, where the parties fought. Kyreshia was determined to be the aggressor on scene and was taken…