Russell Watkins consumes multiple drugs before breaking into room at Comfort Inn

54-year-old Russell Watkins was booked after breaking into someone’s room at the Comfort Inn on White Bridge Place on January 9th. Officers arrived and located Watkins, who was inside of a closet on the property. The manager on duty advised that Watkins had broken into someone’s room and hopped over the counter. Officers spoke to the room’s occupants, and they did not want to prosecute. The manager on duty stated he also did not want to prosecute. Watkins was intoxicated and admitted to consuming multiple drugs, including cocaine and marijuana. Watkins smelt of alcohol, was sweating, and had dilated pupils. Watkins stated he had a room at the hotel, which officers confirmed. Officers decided to take Watkins into custody as he was deemed unable to care for himself.

Wilson Franklin bares his cheeks, sets clothes on fire, while self-pleasuring in hotel lobby

33-year-old Wilson M. Franklin was charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct on December 27th. According to police, Wilson started tearing his clothes off in the lobby of the Comfort Suites on Rivergate Parkway and set them on fire. Amanda Beaty, an employee working the front desk that early morning, told police he “turned his back to the front desk exposing his buttocks, and his right hand was moving rapidly in his pants.” Police reviewed security footage and witnessed the fiery self-pleasure session.

Drunken tourist charged with vandalizing downtown hotel lobby — Adolfo Monge

27-year-old tourist Adolfo Monge, from Atlanta, is free on pre-trial release after police say he came into the Comfort Inn on Demonbreun, initially asking to charge his phone. After a confrontation between him and the front desk clerk, he ripped the credit card machine from the front desk and tossed it across the lobby, stating “Make my Day! Do you want to fight me?”.

He would eventually leave, then return to stare at the clerk, who called police a second time. He was finally taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Drunk man thinks he’s in Michigan while breaking a window at Comfort Inn

24-year-old Kenneth Kortman was charged with public intoxication and vandalism after officers found him attempting to vandalize a truck while thinking he was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It was no cup of tea when English couple got into a tussle on Nashville trip

36-year-old Kelly Roberts was charged with domestic assault after she began attacking her husband in a taxi over an argument that began at Honky Tonk Central and found its way back to their room at the Comfort Inn. Kelly punched her husband multiple times, tackled him, and cut his face with a razor and cut her own wrists as well and tried to jump over the railing at the hotel but was saved by her husband.