Royale Tillman steals $100 from ex-girlfriend through iMoney App, assaults her after being confronted

21-year-old Royale Tillman Jr. had a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Dasia Reeves, at his Barella Drive residence in the early hours of November 5th, 2023.  When the officers arrived, they spoke with Reeves, who stated that she noticed several strange transactions on her phone regarding her I-Money app account when she woke up. According to Reeves, approximately $100 had been transferred to Tillman Jr.’s account without her consent, so she drove to his home to confront him. When she got there, he opened the front door, and she stepped inside to speak with his grandma. Tillman shoved Reeves back outside, telling her that they would not talk about the situation. After this, Reeves left the premises, got into her car, and alerted the authorities. Officers noticed multiple red marks on her arms as she told them she did not wish to prosecute for the theft. Since Tillman Jr. was not present for questioning, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Tillman Jr. was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 8th, 2024.

Mahdi Abbas drunkenly assaults neighbor with bible for no reason

32-year-old Mahdi Abbas had an altercation with his neighbor, Tommie Pearson, at the apartments on Lester Avenue in the early hours of December 30th. Pearson reported that a loud banging on his door woke him up, and when he opened it, Abbas confronted him, shouting angrily. He said he didn’t know why Abbas was upset and closed the door. Then, shortly after, Abbas banged on the door again and threw a bible at Pearson’s head once Pearson opened the door. Pearson said his face was sore but uninjured and refused medical assistance. Pearson noted that Abbas had acted like this towards other residents in the building before and was frightened at the possibility of a further assault, so he called the police. Officers spoke with both parties when they arrived and observed Abbas to be visibly intoxicated. They were unable to get a clear statement from him regarding the incident. Pearson advised that he wished to prosecute, and Mahdi Abbas was taken into custody for assault.

VIDEO: Maddie Beck charged with violating bond conditions, video shows her moments before arrest

25-year-old Madeline Beck now makes her third appearance on Scoop: Nashville, after a video appears to show her under the influence of a mind-altering substance Saturday at a location she wasn’t allowed to be at, and after someone had to come and pick up her child as she was unable to provide appropriate care, according to court documents.