Cliff Christian: I fought a tree for its sap; now I can speak Japanese

42-year-old Cliff Christian was jailed on Monday morning after police responded to a call regarding a man “assaulting a tree” at the intersection of Wallace and Recovery Road. When police arrived and approached Christian, he was behaving and speaking erratically and sweating profusely. He was screaming that a nearby tree was falling, which was not the case, leading the officer to believe he was on drugs. The officer asked Christian what he had taken, and he told the officer that he had taken marijuana, “a bunch of crack,” and tree sap that was supposed to give him the ability to speak Japanese. On the ride to booking, he kept reiterating how he had taken crack cocaine.

Taresha Randall charged for her role in brutal Thanksgiving beating at Vibes Bar & Lounge

29-year-old Taresha Randall was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant detailing her role in the beating of Keila Ruiz at Vibes Bar & Lounge last Thanksgiving. During the investigation of the aggravated assault, it was discovered on security footage that Taresha Randall grabbed Ruiz and held her while she was punched and kicked in her head and face by her ex-boyfriend, David White, and his new girlfriend. Randall is charged with felony aggravated assault – acting in concert.

Irma Alvarez charged in knife attack of ex-boyfriend after discovering he was texting other women

34-year-old Irma Alvarez is jailed in lieu of a $25,000 bond after being booked on an outstanding warrant from May charging her with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The warrant was issued after a nurse called police when Jairo Lagos presented to the emergency room with an already bandaged laceration from a knife wound. He revealed he had been at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and when she discovered he had been texting other females she took his phone and grabbed a kitchen knife, attempting to stab him. He grabbed the knife in an attempt to disarm him, but as she pulled the knife back it left a severe cut to his right hand.

Couple overdoses in Mapco as son waits in the car

53-year-old Sharyn Wells and 29-year-old Mark Yurt were charged with child neglect and unlawful possession of a controlled substance after the couple overdosed in Mapco while their 13-year-old son was waiting in the car.