DUI: Kali Ratcliff crashes car while high on crack, attempts to fight police

34-year-old Kali Ratcliff was taken into custody for driving under the influence and resisting arrest on June 7th. During the CMA Fest, Ratcliff sped through the Korean Veterans Boulevard intersection in her black Jeep Compass before slamming on her brakes, conducting an illegal U-turn, and running into another vehicle. She jumped out of her vehicle and banged on the other driver’s Jeep Windows. Officers observed this and approached her, during which she raised her fists at them as if she were going to fight them, so they took her to the ground and arrested her. She yelled at everyone and showed signs of inebriation. Under Miranda, Ratcliff admitted to taking multiple drugs, including crack cocaine. While in the patrol car, she slipped her handcuff off and attempted to kick out the back window and door until officers handcuffed her again. Once they arrived at booking, Ratcliff took sobriety tests and performed poorly. She agreed to provide a blood sample and was transported to Nashville General Hospital. They discovered she had a prior DUI conviction in Georgia from 2010 and in 2016.