DUI: Jonathan Bos charged after crashing into utility pole

40-year-old Jonathan Bos was charged with DUI Wednesday night after driving off the road and hitting a light pole on Amherst Drive. Nashville Fire arrived on the scene first and told police that Bos was disoriented and smelled like he had been drinking. He was transported to the hospital, where officer grace spoke with him. Bos had slurred speech, was very disoriented, and smelled strongly of alcohol. He showed multiple indicators of impairment. Based on all the evidence, it was explained to Bos that he was under arrest. He consented to blood testing and was transported to booking.

Vuni Luka too drunk to stay at the Quality Inn

Police say a very drunken 35-year-old Vuni Luka arrived at the Quality Inn & Suites on Elm Hill Pike Thursday afternoon and was denied service due to his extreme level of intoxication. After exiting the lobby, Luka sat on a large wooden patio table, which he fell back onto, destroying it.

Rayna Holmes charged after breakfast brawl at Waffle House

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Waffle House on Donelson Pike late Thursday night for a fight-in-progress call. Officers separated the breakfast brawlers, and none of the involved parties wished to seek assault charges; however, they were all asked to leave the property. 29-year-old Rayna Holmes refused to leave and told officers she’d rather go to jail. Not wanting to disappoint anyone this close to the holidays, officers obliged her request and transported her to booking, charging her with criminal trespass.

Miracle Gober smashes car windows & punches friend in face with her blood-covered fists

21-year-old Miracle Gober was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from last month, charging her with felony vandalism. Police say that on June 8th, Miracle was hanging out with her friend Jaylon Waters when they decided to visit his friend Marise Stewart, who Gober had never met. As they were all drinking heavily at Stewart’s apartment, Gober and Stewart got into an argument, and Gober was asked to leave her apartment, which she did. A short time later, Gober returned and knocked on the door, to retrieve her cell phone from Waters’ car to call an Uber. As he accompanied her to his car, Gober retrieved her items and then punched out his back window, shattering it with her bare hands, she beat multiple large cracks into the front windshield, and then punched him in the face with her blood-covered fists. Stewart had come outside to see what was taking so long and witnessed some of the assault.

Man breaks into girlfriend’s parent’s house after being kicked out — Nicholas Chowning

Police say 30-year-old Nicholas Chowning was kicked out of his girlfriend’s parent’s home for being drunk and aggressive. Her parent removed him and told him to call an Uber to get home. Moments later, Chowning shattered the front window of the home and sat on the living room floor, where police found him late Thursday, bloody and defiant.

Chowning was taken into custody, charged with felony aggravated burglary. His bond is set at $10,000.

After Glenn Funk lets him walk on first charge, Colin Beason charged with stealing from another employer

28-year-old Colin Beason has, once again, been caught doing return fraud at a retail store that employed him. In 2019, we covered his felony theft arrest for pocketing $1800 in cash from fraudulent returns from GameStop. District Attorney Glenn Funk agreed to give him a deferred judgment with no conviction for that charge, and he moved on without a guilty plea on his record. Beason now works for Locker Room by Lids at Opry Mills Mall. Earlier this week, the store notified Metro Police they had determined Beason had stolen $4,718.30 in cash from fraudulent returns. Beason signed a confession in the case, and because of the prior deal with DA Funk, has no prior conviction. Beason, who studied finance at MTSU, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with felony theft, and is free on a $2,500 bond.

Man strikes traffic security officer with vehicle at Opryland Hotel — Anas Alhams

30-year-old Anas Alhams is charged with aggravated assault after video captured him using his vehicle to strike a woman working as a traffic security officer at the Opryland Hotel Saturday. Alhams reportedly was upset that he was sitting in traffic and began to go around the traffic, turning into a non-public area of the property that was a dead-end. As he realized he had to come back out, he ignored both cross-traffic and the traffic officer responsible for the flow, and lunged his vehicle toward her, striking her in the leg as he fled past her at a high rate of speed. He was booked into jail, charged with aggravated assault, and is free on a $15,000 bond.