Carah Johnson charged with DUI while wearing her “I Love Beer” hat

Metro Nashville Police say they encountered 22-year-old Carah Johnson in the back of an ambulance after she rolled her vehicle, and atop her head was a hat that read “I Love Beer”. She immediately admitted to drinking before driving, and then crashing after driving too fast. They say she became “dramatic and emotional” with mood swings from crying to agitation, which included throwing several of her personal items in frustration. She produced a handgun from her person prior to attempting field sobriety tests.

Man breaks into girlfriend’s parent’s house after being kicked out — Nicholas Chowning

Police say 30-year-old Nicholas Chowning was kicked out of his girlfriend’s parent’s home for being drunk and aggressive. Her parent removed him and told him to call an Uber to get home. Moments later, Chowning shattered the front window of the home and sat on the living room floor, where police found him late Thursday, bloody and defiant.

Chowning was taken into custody, charged with felony aggravated burglary. His bond is set at $10,000.

DUI: Man found asleep behind wheel of Tesla in Nashville’s Music Valley — Jarod Parker

Just three months after moving to Nashville, Metro Police found 22-year-old Jarod Parker asleep behind the wheel of his red Tesla at the intersection of Music Valley Dr & McGavock Pk. Officers say he was belligerent upon being awoken from his slumber and reeked of alcohol. Parker was charged with DUI and is free on pre-trial release.

New Year’s Eve in Nashville: The Rideshare Surge, $600+ Uber/Lyft rides?

While an estimated 150K people showed up for the festivities on New Year’s Even in Nashville Thursday night, those depending on a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft, woke up on Friday morning with more than a headache – bills for hundreds of dollars, for rides that lasted only a few minutes and went only a few miles. We’ve seen receipts for rides nearing $700 sent to us the past two days.  New Year’s Eve in Nashville: The Rideshare Surge, $600+ Uber/Lyft rides? We asked our tipsters in the ride-share…