Arnulfo Juc-Sep hits wife with belt during argument over infidelity

30-year-old Arnulfo Juc-Sep had a domestic incident with his wife, Elsa Matilde, at their Thompson Place apartment late May 16th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Matilde, who stated that she and Juc-Sep argued, during which he grabbed a belt and struck her on the back with it, leaving a visible mark. Juc-Sep corroborated her statement, adding that they were arguing over infidelity. Juc-Sep was then taken into custody for domestic assault on May 17th.

Alexis Abernathy punches boyfriend in face during argument at nightclub

24-year-old Alexis Abernathy had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Armand Etienne, at Glo Best Western Nashville early May 11th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Etienne, who stated that Abernathy punched him during an argument while they were at a nightclub. Then, officers located Abernathy leaning on the hallway wall, struggling to stand independently. When they questioned her about the incident, she admitted to having a dispute with Etienne. Abernathy also admitted that she struck Etienne in the face. Then, while trying to find her ID in her purse, Abernathy fell to the ground, and officers noticed a clear small baggie that contained 6 grams of marijuana. Abernathy was taken into custody for public intoxication, simple possession, and domestic assault.

Korey Hutson speeds down I-40 East at 120 mph in Jaguar F-Pace

31-year-old Korey David Hutson was speeding on I-40 East late April 6th in his Jaguar F-Pace. Officers observed this and initiated a traffic stop, during which he was going 120 mph until they caught up to him near Stewarts Ferry Pike. Officers asked Hutson why he was going so fast, and he replied, “I do not know.” Hutson was then cited for the incident that day. Huston was later booked on the citation of reckless driving on May 3rd.

Kesean Bowen kicks girlfriend in stomach after telling her he doesn’t want to support their child

26-year-old Kesean Bowen had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Brensley Puglisi, at her Selsey Court residence on the evening of March 2nd. Officers arrived and spoke with Puglisi, who stated Bowen had come over to smoke. Puglisi stated they were in the car when Bowen mentioned how he did not want to be part of their baby’s life and that the baby needed to stay with her. Puglisi said she became upset as the conversation progressed and told him to get out of her car. Bowen refused then exited the vehicle and attempted to pull her out. Puglisi said that she grabbed onto his shirt, ripping it as he pulled her out of the car and onto the ground. Puglisi said Bowen then kicked her in the stomach and drove away. She advised them that she did not wish to prosecute. Bowen was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 2nd.

DUI: Brandon Cato found stumbling around car, tells officers “Yes, I drank a buzz ball”

24-year-old Brandon Cato was involved in a car accident on April 5th. When officers arrived, they observed Cato stumbling around his vehicle. They asked Cato if he had anything to drink, and he replied, “Yes, I drank a buzz ball.” When officers asked for his driver’s license, he handed over his vape, stating, “I put my license in my vape.” Cato then gave officers his debit card and said, “here’s my license.” Eventually, Cato handed over the proper credentials after several attempts to search for them. Cato consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Cato also agreed to a breath test and scored a .147% BAC. Brandon Cato was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence.

Taylor Elliott threatens boyfriend with taser during argument

30-year-old Taylor Kay Elliott had a domestic incident with Kelvin Lagrand Price, her boyfriend, at their Village Hills Drive residence in the early hours of March 2nd. Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call and, when they arrived, spoke with Price, who advised them that he and Elliott argued about how they had both flirted with other people at a bar the night before. Price explained that they started arguing at the bar and continued to argue on the way home. While they argued on their way home, Elliott pulled out a taser and threatened Price with it. However, Price said he grabbed the taser out of Elliott’s hand. Price then told officers that he did not wish to press charges. Elliott spoke with detectives and admitted to threatening Price with a taser during an argument. Elliott was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Matthew Keaffaber pours beer in center console to hide it from police

36-year-old Matthew Keaffaber was driving on Gallatin Pike with his headlights turned off on November 8th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. Officers noticed Keaffaber moving around and getting out of his seat while approaching his vehicle. Keaffaber was visibly intoxicated when officers spoke with him, and he consented to sobriety tests, on which he performed poorly. Officers had probable cause to search Keaffaber’s vehicle, which led to them locating an open beer container in the backseat and beer poured into the center console. Keaffaber was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open container violation.

Dustin Clark charged in theft of baby momma’s vehicle

21-year-old Dustin Clark was booked early Monday morning after stealing his baby momma’s 2013 Kia Forte on October 11th. According to Laura Hemphill, Clark said he would return her vehicle that night or early on the 12th. Laura tried to contact Mr. Clark for three days and look for her car but had not been able to find it or reach him. She stated that Mr. Clark blocked her phone number and all social media platforms, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.