Timothy Davis charged in assault of woman who was attempting to “get information from him”

56-year-old Timothy Davis was cited for reportedly assaulting a woman on Thompson Lane on August 16th. She told the police that she was trying to get information from Timothy. Timothy then, she continued, decided to hit her in the head several times. Police observed no injuries to the woman, but she said she wished to prosecute. Timothy was booked on the assault citation on September 5th.

Woman charged with domestic assault after man says she ripped his dreadlock out

36-year-old Michelle Abeyta was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly “lost her mind” and ripped a man’s dreadlock out of his head. A groundskeeper had to keep them separated until officers arrived.

Man pulls knife on someone to let them know he does not “want any trouble”

62-year-old Willie Howard was charged with aggravated assault and contraband in a penal institution after he pulled a knife on a man, told him that he did not “want any trouble”, and was then found with a “green leafy substance” while being booked.