Tourist Todd Miller pooped in hotel elevator, scooted dirty butt across floor like a dog

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville Hotel at 2 p.m. Monday, where 37-year-old tourist Todd Miller was due to check out as his stay had ended. Instead, he was reportedly extremely intoxicated and had just defecated in an elevator and was wandering the floors of the hotel while refusing to leave, including “scooting his poop-covered butt cheeks across the floor like a dog,” according to a witness account of the incident. As officers arrived, the staff pointed to a black Dodge Ram, which he had just gotten into and started the ignition, and that’s where police found the feces-covered man. Miller stated he had just finished a box of wine and asked for a lawyer. He was charged with DUI and transported to booking.

Poop covered tourist Alex Ray Hall fights cops & doctors after Nashville public intoxication arrest

Police found 29-year-old Alex Ray Hall, much as they would any other drunken tourist — staggering down the 400 block of Broadway, unable to maintain his balance. As they attempted to help him to the sidewalk for his safety, however, Hall threatened to assault the officers if they touched him. This began an arrest for public intoxication, which, once again, could have been a small dent in Mr. Hall’s night, however, he made other life choices. By the time Hall was being placed in the car due to his level of public intoxication, he had urinated and dedicated on himself and was described as a “large man of 6’3” stature, at least 250 pounds, and had consumed a “vast amount of alcohol”, much of which was now urine on his clothing as he exhibited escalating behavior.

During a medical clearance, Hall threatened medical staff and officers and headbutted Officer Caillouette. Officer had to trap and hold one of Hall’s legs, both of which were “covered in poop”, as he continued to kick at medical staff and officers using the exposed “poop”. Police reports note “it was only with multiple officers that he gave up and went into the vehicle with much effort… he continued to use his body weight and drunk strength to actively resist arrest efforts.

Drunk soldier arrested after pooping pants at BNA while transporting 9 assault rifles— Donovan Paywa

22-year-old recent Air Assault graduate Donovan Paywa was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday afternoon after being refused service at Cafe Vino inside the Nashville Airport due to him having defecated on himself. The soldier was transporting 9 assault rifles aboard the aircraft and consumed three mixed drinks while inside the terminal. As staff noticed he had feces inside his jeans they alerted airport police, who arrived to find staff having to prop the soldier up, as he could no longer stand on his own without assistance. Officers advised Paywa he could call someone to come get him, go to the hospital to sober up and get checked out, or be arrested for public intoxication.

He repeatedly declined any assistance and started screaming “F-ck You” across the terminal, causing quite the scene. He was informed he was under arrest, and he refused to comply with the process, eventually having to be taken down by Airport Police by force as a passenger who happened to be an MP attempted to calm the young soldier, who then told the arresting officers “Your family is dead!”. Paywa was placed under arrest for public intoxication and transported to jail, where he was released and his case dismissed after an eight-hour intoxication hold. His social media shows him catching a return flight to New Mexico on Sunday.

Patient at Skyline cuffed for outstanding warrant; defecates in patrol car en route to booking

44-year-old Lisa Stewart was charged with assault of an officer and resisting arrest after she spat a chewed cigarette in an officer’s face and defecated inside the patrol car on the way to booking.

The Cleo: “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building. It’s a shitty situation.

We’ve covered the struggles of the residents of The Cleo in East Nashville before, even mentioned the ‘doggy poop’ problem with photos. Now, The Cleo’s maintenance person says he “just can’t keep up” with all the dog poop inside the building. Cleo maintenance, Bob Miller, says: “We go around daily and pick it up.. Sometimes I feel that I just can’t keep up! It truly is disgusting, and absolutely absurd that the people that live in the building don’t pick up after their dogs. After all it is their home.”…

Did You Poop in Alyce’s Yard?

Alyce Simmons would prefer that there was no poop in her yard. Of course, she is making the assumption that East Nashville has no free-roaming dogs, and that someone is walking their pooch through her garden and yard perhaps? Maybe the dog got loose and pooped on it’s mad dash through the neighborhood? Perhaps, a neighbor has been secretly fertilizing her garden with his dog poop for years, and that’s why her gardens and flowers are flourishing? Or maybe she’s just got a bad neighbor? Either way, Alyce has a…

Shelby Park Poop Patrol

Someone (with WAY too much chalk and time on their hands) has managed to walk the first 1.5 miles of the Shelby Park walking trail and point out every piece of shit they could find. There were 7 instances they found that were visible from their vantage point, and boy did they decide to let us (and YOU!) know. Franky, anyone who has enough time to bring chalk, walk the 1.5 miles they covered, and individually mark each instance of ‘poop’ – also had enough time to be a kind…