Hermitage man charged for harassing his boss after he gets fired

57-year-old Labronze Floyd was charged with harassment when he threatened his supervisor’s life after she fired him.

Woman attacks boyfriend with cat scratch post

46-year-old Amy Adams was charged with domestic assault after she attacked her boyfriend with a cat scratch pole.

Nashville Man blames ‘karma’ as reason he brutally assaulted woman

Kenteris White (aka Stantale McBride), 32, remains jailed on a $100,000 bond in a Metro jail after police say he ambushed a woman arriving home from work, pushed her inside her apartment, and brutally assaulted her on May 8th. He told police “I went overboard assaulting her, but it was probably karma coming back on her”

Shelby Park Poop Patrol

Someone (with WAY too much chalk and time on their hands) has managed to walk the first 1.5 miles of the Shelby Park walking trail and point out every piece of shit they could find. There were 7 instances they found that were visible from their vantage point, and boy did they decide to let us (and YOU!) know. Franky, anyone who has enough time to bring chalk, walk the 1.5 miles they covered, and individually mark each instance of ‘poop’ – also had enough time to be a kind…