Shelby Park Poop Patrol

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Someone (with WAY too much chalk and time on their hands) has managed to walk the first 1.5 miles of the Shelby Park walking trail and point out every piece of shit they could find. There were 7 instances they found that were visible from their vantage point, and boy did they decide to let us (and YOU!) know.

Franky, anyone who has enough time to bring chalk, walk the 1.5 miles they covered, and individually mark each instance of ‘poop’ – also had enough time to be a kind citizen and grab a bag and take the poop with them instead – but we’re betting they didn’t bother. We could go either way on the bag issue – nature’s been doing a great job on making poop bio-degradable for as long as life has existed, and we can’t argue with nature. Anything else is just humans trying to control other humans so they don’t have to be accountable for where they put their own two feet. Do bags make the trail nicer and easier to walk on? sure. Is it the end of the world if a dog poops in the grass (none of these were on the actual trail, but in nature’s grass) – nope, and nature will handle it for you!

There are some golden one here – though being East Nashville, we can’t be sure if the ‘poop’ was doggy or human. Here are the individual pics, and some of the captions:

“Can we all agree this is gross”

“I mean really, who does that”

“Source of E. Coli”

“There are free bags in the parking lot”

“People step in it”

“Yes your mother told you you’re special but park rules still apply to you”

“The karma police watched you leave this”








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