Did You Poop in Alyce’s Yard?

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Alyce Simmons would prefer that there was no poop in her yard. Of course, she is making the assumption that East Nashville has no free-roaming dogs, and that someone is walking their pooch through her garden and yard perhaps? Maybe the dog got loose and pooped on it’s mad dash through the neighborhood? Perhaps, a neighbor has been secretly fertilizing her garden with his dog poop for years, and that’s why her gardens and flowers are flourishing? Or maybe she’s just got a bad neighbor? Either way, Alyce has a message for East Nashville:

“Just a word to the wise, having your dogs dump their necessities in my yard/garden is against the law. I have no pets and my yard should be free of poop.”

She posted the above facebook message late Thursday evening. We think she’s serious, and she knows how to report you for stuff, too!

Alyce Simmons poop

Alyce didn’t stop there, she wanted to remind everyone that it REALLY IS ILLEGAL to let your pooch poop in her pansies:

aly not playing yall

And she IS correct, technically, it IS a city ordinance, and the dog owner may be fined if found to be guilty. Here’s the actual text of the ordinance (Amdt. 1 with Ord. BL2004-302 § 1, 2004) :

A dog owner shall clean up and remove any excrement left by his or her dog(s) on any public property or private property not owned or lawfully possessed by the dog owner. Violations of this section shall be punishable by a fifty-dollar fine.


We could not help but to be reminded of Billy Madison “called the shit poop” club…

One more time… just the good part 🙂

And of course, we have a solution – Citrus/Orange Peels may be just what she needs to deter those pesky pets from pooping on her petunias:


Maybe it wasn’t dog poop at all… maybe you just couldn’t squeeze those cheeks together any longer on your walk home from taco bell? Either way, Alyce would prefer to be poop free!

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