Kierra Hockett jailed after harassing her stylist, Chelsey Green, at Popgirl Parlour

28-year-old Kierra Hockett, a former booster featured on Scoop: Nashville, is accused of reportedly harassing Charley Green from April through July before a summons was issued in August. Hocket was a former client of Green, and since April, she has called Green’s house screaming and yelling repeatedly, drove around Green’s girlfriend’s house numerous times, as well as Green’s Salon Popgirl Parlour, and even slashed her tires twice. Hockett was taken into custody for harassment on October 17th.

Nashville Booster charged in 2020 Finish Line theft at Rivergate Mall — Kierra Hockett

26-year-old Kierra Edwina Hockett was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail this week on an outstanding warrant from October of 2020, charging her with retail theft. A warrant alleges she entered the Finish Line store inside Rivergate Mall on October 29th, 2020, grabbed $565 worth of Nike pants and jackets, then fled the store. Later that day, the store received a phone call stating that the female’s name who just boosted clothes from them was Kierra Hockett. Police compared the security video to photos of Hockett and confined her identity. They were then able to locate Kierra’s Facebook account, from which she had posted the items for sale on the Marketplace. Hockett is free on pre-trial release.