Chrystal Staten charged with methamphetamine possession during traffic stop

On August 30th, 46-year-old Chrystal Staten was seen at N. Main Street with a tag light out before being pulled over at Louisville Highway. Staten consented to a search where a small amount of meth was found in her wallet. She was issued a citation for Simple Possession of Meth and released. She was booked on that citation this week.

Zeki’Ah Foster assaults woman over parking spot dispute

21-year-old Zeki’Ah Foster was cited for assault on August 29th for an incident regarding a parking spot at The Retreat at Dry Creek Farms apartment complex. Angela Davis told police that Zeki’Ah assaulted her over the parking spot. Police documented scratch marks on Angela’s chest and nose. She was booked on the assault charge on September 19th.

Susan Denton jailed on DUI charge early Sunday morning

49-year-old Susan Denton was seen by police driving erratically in a Twice Daily parking lot around 1 a.m. on Sunday. Police watched Susan pull out from a parking spot at the Twice Daily into the middle of the road, stop, and then reverse back into the parking lot. After that, she moved forward and slammed on her brakes. She waited several minutes until a vehicle pulled behind her and used its horn. When she pulled out the second time, she headed towards the ramp onto I-65 with the officer behind her and swerved off the ramp left back towards the road. Police then conducted a traffic stop on Susan, and she told them that she had two drinks at a local club around 10 p.m. Saturday. During sobriety tests, she showed signs of intoxication, and police found a near-empty bottle of vodka with a cup of orange juice, smelling of alcohol, in her vehicle. After being placed into custody, she agreed to provide a breath sample, but the EC/IR machine malfunctioned, so she was asked to provide a blood sample. Susan said she was uncomfortable with needles and refused to give blood, so she was reminded that the other part of her implied consent stated that she could also be required to give blood. Police booked her into jail on her first DUI and implied consent charges.

Travis Williams charged with DUI after driving through wind storm damage

42-year-old Travis Williams was charged with driving drunk through a roadblock that was put in place due to powerlines being down at Mall Access Rd on Friday evening. Police say there was an obvious odor of alcohol coming from Mr. Williams. He agreed to do sobriety tests and performed poorly. Mr. Williams was taken into custody and refused to provide a blood sample.