Joshua Singleton violates restraining order by repeatedly joining wife’s TikTok livestream

44-year-old Joshua Singleton was seen violating his restraining order while on TikTok on April 17th. Jessica Flippen, his wife, reported to officers that when she hosted a livestream on TikTok, Singleton logged in and joined the chat. He was then immediately kicked out of the stream but returned using a different account. In the livestream chat, Singleton wrote, “Jessie lost a baby,” which is a reference to when Flippen had a miscarriage. Singleton was then kicked out again, despite this, Singleton joined a third time, but this time did not make any comments. Flippen has an order of protection against Singleton that includes no social media. A warrant was issued for Singleton’s arrest that day. Singleton was taken into custody for an order of protection violation on June 5th.

#MomTok influencer Gabbie Egan jailed in Nashville after assaulting police and bar staff on Broadway

24-year-old Gabrielle Egan, who has millions of followers on Tiktok mainly related to ‘#MomTok,’ as a mom influencer, was arrested in Nashville Saturday night. Police say she was at Rippy’s Honky Tonk on Broadway in downtown Nashville when she bumped into a waitress who was bringing food to a table. Egan reportedly told the server, “You need to watch out!” and struck her on the right side of her head using her left hand. Security detained her, and Metro Nashville Police Officers arrived at the venue. During the subsequent investigation, multiple witnesses stated they observed Egan push a second waitress and threaten other customers. As she was being arrested for disorderly conduct, the TikToker lunged forward and headbutted an officer, striking him in the head and causing visible injuries. She then used her right foot to strike the same officer’s thigh. She was eventually restrained and transported to booking to be processed for the additional charge of assault of a police officer.

Nashville TikToker Quention Pringle jailed after smashing girlfriend’s wall & mirror, fleeing from police

28-year-old TikToker “CueballCapalot0”, AKA Quention Pringle, was jailed early Saturday morning in Nashville after vandalizing his girlfriend’s property and running from police. Taylor Barlow told police she had gotten angry with Pringle while he was on a live broadcast, and they had an argument, which led to him punching her wall and mirror and throwing his computer monitor at the window, breaking it. Once the argument moved outside, Pringle reportedly used his arm to hit the windshield of her vehicle. He initially refused to speak with responding officers and ran from them as they told him to stop at least three times. He denied the vandalism but was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

VIDEO: Jack Zuckowsky charged after fight with Kayden Blackwell in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Jack Zuckowsky was jailed in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning after he was observed in a fight with Kayden Blackwell, a well-known creator on TikTok and OnlyFans. Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative came upon the disturbance on Broadway and say Jack was so intoxicated he was unable to comprehend simple questions. As neither party wished to prosecute for assault, Zuckowsky was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

VIDEO: Influencer Kayden Blackwell (itsskbbb) jailed in Nashville after Broadway brawl

19-year-old Kayden Blackwell, better known to his nearly 1 million fans on TikTok as ‘@itsskbbb’, and to his OF followers as ‘lillboyjohnny,’ was jailed in Nashville early Sunday morning after brawling on Broadway. Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville were alerted to a fight in progress at 301 Broadway, where Blackwell was in a fight with Jack Zuckowsky. Officers observed Blackwell punch Zuckowsky, and they pulled him away from the tussle and placed him into custody. Blackwell reeked of alcohol and was spotted earlier in the evening drinking and accompanied by Tayler Holder at points during the evening’s escapade.

Tennessee TikTok lovers duel it out during dirty breakup — Giovanna Dalessandro & Avery Holt

A Tennessee TikTok duo with around 5 million combined fans across their platforms each found themselves in a Clarksville, TN, jail this week, only hours apart. The former lovers, 21-year-old Giovanna Linda Marie Dalessandro & 20-year-old Avery Noverra Holt, who lived together at Kirkwood Place, recently broke up, and ‘Gio’ returned to Texas. This week Gio returned with a posse that included his mother and a diva with alleged brass knuckles to retrieve some of his belongings, and things quickly escalated, landing three people in jail after police say Gio brandished a handgun and Gio’s mother says she was assault by Avery.

Orbeez/Splat Gun Tiktok Challenge reaches Broadway in downtown Nashville: Four teens arrested

Four teens were arrested Saturday night after participating in the dangerous trending Nationwide TikTok Orbeez/Splat Gun Challenge. In the challenge, participants shoot unsuspecting people with gel-type pellets from Orbeez guns, some of which look like handguns and even rifles. They then post the videos on TikTok to share for engagement. Saturday night, four teens, including Ian Brown and Nashaud White, and two 17-year-old juveniles, shot the gel pellets from a moving Kia sedan on Broadway at unsuspecting people walking on Broadway. Once police stopped the vehicle, they also found an actual loaded (and stolen) handgun.

Canadian TikToking Trucker Samuel Plourde found drunk and lying in roadway; laughed when asked how much he drank

24-year-old Canadian Trucker Samuel Plourde, who has a substantial following on Tiktok, was found lying in the middle of the right turn lane of Woodland Street just after 4 a.m. Thursday. Nashville Police say he reeked of an “extreme odor” of alcohol, and just laughed uncontrollably when asked how much he had to drink. His social media shows he left for Nashville on March 7th and had since arrived and parked his truck nearby. #Video in story

DUI: Hooters Girl asleep behind the wheel, hits the gas when police use air horn to wake her up #TikTok

21-year-old Mya Peterson, who has over 100,000 followers on TikTok(@that_mixeddchickk) where she’s gone viral from dancing in her Hooters Girl work uniform, was found asleep behind the wheel early Friday morning, heavily intoxicated after stopping at a local bar to have “four or five shots” after work. Police boxed in her car, shook her car, even used an airhorn to attempt to wake her.