#MomTok influencer Gabbie Egan jailed in Nashville after assaulting police and bar staff on Broadway

24-year-old Gabrielle Egan, who has millions of followers on Tiktok mainly related to ‘#MomTok,’ as a mom influencer, was arrested in Nashville Saturday night. Police say she was at Rippy’s Honky Tonk on Broadway in downtown Nashville when she bumped into a waitress who was bringing food to a table. Egan reportedly told the server, “You need to watch out!” and struck her on the right side of her head using her left hand. Security detained her, and Metro Nashville Police Officers arrived at the venue. During the subsequent investigation, multiple witnesses stated they observed Egan push a second waitress and threaten other customers. As she was being arrested for disorderly conduct, the TikToker lunged forward and headbutted an officer, striking him in the head and causing visible injuries. She then used her right foot to strike the same officer’s thigh. She was eventually restrained and transported to booking to be processed for the additional charge of assault of a police officer.

Woman charged in felony attack of Nashville influencer Kailaaa, posts “I haven’t killed you… yet!”

20-year-old Laila Udoumana (@knownaslailaa) is jailed on a $13,500 bond after a brutal attack on local social media influencer Kailaaa (@kailaaax_). She reports that on June 10th, three females attacked her while inside her car. A video shows Laila busting her windshield with a car jack, slashing her tires, and attempting to break out more windows. Laila then posted to her Instagram, admitting to her role in the assault and stating “I haven’t killed you… yet”