Orbeez/Splat Gun Tiktok Challenge reaches Broadway in downtown Nashville: Four teens arrested

Four teens were arrested Saturday night after participating in the dangerous trending Nationwide TikTok Orbeez/Splat Gun Challenge. In the challenge, participants shoot unsuspecting people with gel-type pellets from Orbeez guns, some of which look like handguns and even rifles. They then post the videos on TikTok to share for engagement. Saturday night, four teens, including Ian Brown and Nashaud White, and two 17-year-old juveniles, shot the gel pellets from a moving Kia sedan on Broadway at unsuspecting people walking on Broadway. Once police stopped the vehicle, they also found an actual loaded (and stolen) handgun.

Nashville man charged with shooting 11 year old in face while playing in tree house

Thomas Ouellette, 63, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault for allegedly shooting¬† an 11 year old child in the face with a pellet gun while he was playing in a tree house outside his window. On 04/30/18 at 7:30 PM, Officers responded to call of shots fired in Goodlettsville. The victim was an 11 year old juvenile male who was shot in the face with a pellet gun while playing in a tree house. The child was immediately transported Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, where he will have to…